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Wasp Control Melbourne – Did you notice a wasp nest in your residence and want to eliminate that, then do not bother. Impressive Wasp Removal Melbourne delivers same day wasp extermination service. Our experts provide quick, professional, and safe service to eradicate pesky wasp.

The presence of wasps makes insecure surroundings. The sting of Wasps can cause burning; if the bite performs an anaphylactic reaction, death can be caused. Wasps infestation around your household and industrial place gives endless anxiety to the landlord. If you recognize the only wasp in your home, then directly contact our experts.

Book our experts and get rid of nasty wasps from your home. We use cost-effective and human-friendly treatment solutions to remove wasp and their nest. We have a fully certified, skilled, and trustworthy controller team in Melbourne.

    Common Types of Wasps

    Following are the common types of wasps that are found in Australia:

    yellow jackets

    Yellow Jackets

    Their colour is yellow with black stripes on it and is found worldwide. These wasps can grow in size between ⅜” to ⅝”.

    Paper Wasps

    Paper Wasps

    Their size is between ¾” to 1” long. Their colour is brownish-black with yellow markings. They would only attack if their colony is in danger.



    The average size of hornets is 1.25”. Their colour is black and has yellowish-white stripes over their body. These hornets usually build their nest on higher locations like bug buildings or three-storey house’s roofs.

    Mud Daubers

    Mud Daubers

    The average size of these Mud Daubers is between ½” to 1” long. These wasps are black in colour with yellow markings on their legs. These wasps do not live in colonies.

    Ichneumon wasp

    Ichneumon wasp

    These are long body wasps and has a size of about 1 1/2 inches and also has long antennas. Colour of these wasps species can vary as some are dark in colour and some are bright in colour.

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    Wasp infestation treatment Melbourne

    Reasons for Wasp Infestation in your Home?

    • Nest:- Some wasps access your home so that it can get the conditions for building a nest.
    • Warmth:- In wintertimes, wasps require a warm environment, and our home warmness attracts them. It is also essential for them so that they can survive longer and broaden their colony.
    • Open windows or doors:- Some wasps enter our residence by open windows or doors inside by mistake and then mate and produce more wasp and make an infestation.
    • Food Supply: Wasps often get invited bu food source in our houses and then start building a nest near that food supply.

    Signs that Your House has Wasp Infestation

    • Flying Wasp: If you notice wasp flying near your home frequently then it could sign of wasp infestation.
    • Wasp nest: If you see a wasp nest near your house, then there is a significant probability that a wasp has infested your home.
    • The buzzing sound of wings: Buzzing sounds of wings can also indicate that wasp or bees have infested your house.
    • Chewed Wood: Some kinds of wasps make their nests by chewing wood if you found hewed wood in your place that means waps infestation there.

    Wasp Control Melbourne: Wasp Prevention Tips

    • Close all the windows and doors and repair all the holes present in your house.
    • Clean your garage bin every single day.
    • Put sweet and sticky food out in airtight containers.
    • Check that there should not be any wasp nest in or near your house.
    • If you find the nest then keep your pets and children away from the infested area.
    • Frequent cleaning of lawn and garden decreases the chances of wasp infestation.
    Why Hire Impressive Wasp Control melbourne

    Why Choose Impressive Wasp Control Melbourne?

    We at Impressive Pest Control understand the significant determinants to determine the species of the wasp and the methods implemented to get rid of them. Our team of specialists has many years of experience that can quickly eliminate these insects using Wasp removal methods and various chemical treatments.

    • We select the best team who have apt knowledge of pest control treatment.
    • The cost we charge is affordable for everyone in Melbourne.
    • The methods we use to clean wasps are eco-friendly, and the chemicals are organic as well.
    • You can pick from a range of booking slots that we provide – same day services, weekday services, and evening service.
    • All our wasp removal services in Melbourne are in line with industry standards and guidelines.
    • Our customer support agents are available 24 * 7

    Thus, look no further, and hire our expert Wasp Control Melbourne Services today!

    Areas We Serve for Wasp Control

    Our professionals are present in major cities in Australia and their suburbs. We provide service 24*7 and you can contact us at any time and we will be always there to help you get rid of Wasps’ infestations at your place.

    Areas We serve for wasp removal

    Our Wasp Control Melbourne Services for Different Sectors

    Commercial Wasp Pest Control

    Commercial Wasp Control Service

    Hygiene is very important and when a customer visits your shop and finds Wasps or other pest roaming then the chances are very less that the customer will come back to your shop again. It can affect your business drastically. So you need professionals to make you shop free from Wasps.

    Residential Wasp Control Service Melbourne

    Residential Wasp Control Service

    Impressive Pest Control can help you get rid of Wasps from your residence using advanced technologies that will clean up all the Wasps and will also ensure that Wasps are not able to enter the residence again.

    End of Lease Control Melbourne

    End of Lease for Wasp Control Service

    When you return the rented property, you are legally bound to do the End of Lease Control Services so that property is returned as it was given in the beginning. Impressive Pest Control provides the End of Lease Control Services at affordable rates with amazing service.

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