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Termite Control Melbourne

Hire the professionals of Impressive Pest Control – if you are dealing with termite problems at home. We are a 15-year-old organisation and running this industry with the help of dedicated and expert technicians. Termite infestation in your home can lead to many problems. Termites are usually found in wood furniture, attics, and walls. Termite spread quickly in the dark areas that remain empty for months and also in deteriorated and damp wood furniture. They also pose health complications to humans. Termites are consistent, continuous intimidation during all season. Thus, it is important to have a termite treatment which is attentive to be performed at emergencies too. So make sure you are not living in a house which is affected by termite infestation. Call us now for best termite control Melbourne at affordable prices.

Types of Termite :

  • Subterranean Termite – Also known as underground termite. They are not making their nest in eaten wood, they make colony underground soil, make tunnels in the ground. Best method to control of subterranean termite is to avoid moisture near foundation of the home.
  • Drywood Termite -They live in small colonies inside pieces of wood they eat. Drywood termites eat your home & making them hard to identify. Drywood termites attack dry, undecayed wood like dead limbs of native trees, and shade and orchard trees.
  • Dampwood Termite – Dampwood termites have large heads with mandibles on the front. Also called rotten wood termite, dampwood termites are a species of the Termopsidae family. They are found near high moisture content and wood decay, fallen logs and tree. 
  • Flying Termites – Termites with wings called flying termite, known as alates or reproductive stage termites, They have four wings. Color of flying termite dark brown or black, Dark color helps to retain moisture & it make possible to leave nest. Flying termites have poor eyes.
Types of termite

Why Termites Are Bad

  • Termites can develop in any plant or lumber materials without indicating any sign they are there. Termite infestation is considered to cause damage to a huge extent.
  • Termite infestation is a big problem because they destroy everything they amassed on.
  • Termites do bite and sting but they are not toxic. And do not pose severe diseases to humans.
  • Termites presence in the home can lead to allergies and in a few cases, they can also spread asthma.
  • Termites eradication could be quite difficult and can cause you a huge amount of money as well.
  • Termite infestation is a big problem because they destroy everything they amassed on.

Termite Protection Tips

  • Termites need moisture to survive hence you can control them by reducing the inside and outside moisture of the house. 
  • Fix oozing taps, water pipelines and outside AC systems.
  • Fix soffits, fascia and decayed rooftop shingles.
  • Displace weather-stripping and loosened basin around the basement and window panes.
  • Deflect water away from your home through downspouts, drains and plop blocks.
  • Regularly scrutinise the foundation of your house for indications of silt conduits, notched or seeping paint and timber that resounds loud when rapped.
  • Check the outside areas where there is wood. Remove the damaged and old materials and clutter from your gardens.
  • Or you can get termite protection services from professionals as well.
Termite Control Melbourne

How To Get Rid of Termites

  • First, you have to look for termite infestation. Look for the dark and not in used areas first. You can use a screwdriver and flashlight too.
  • Termite Control Melbourne is necessary hence, look at what type of termites have afflicted in your home. There are two types of termites subterranean and dry wood termites.
  • If you want to remove the termite infestation from your house then remove all the food sources of them like firewood piles, any wood or paper detritus that is near a house’s foundation can become a home for termites. 
  • Remove any stumps that are presented outside your gardens and any other plant-based trash that is present too.
  • Termites need a place to get entrance inside your house so make sure you have placed screens and block all the openings to prevent termite infestations.

Get Same Day Termite Control Melbourne Services From Us

We at Impressive Pest Control are offering same-day termite control services at affordable costs. We know that termite infestation inside your home can be a trouble. Termites deteriorate your expensive wood furniture and other attics and walls too. We have a team of well-trained technicians who have been providing the best services to control termite infestations. With the help of latest and efficient tools, our professionals make sure they have exterminated termites infestations from each area they hide. Avail our service termite control Melbourne today and get rid of them on the same day of your call.

Termite Control Melbourne

Get Our Services At Commercial Areas

Impressive Pest Control with having years of expertise in termite control Melbourne industry provide their services to various commercial areas including Hospitals, Schools, Super Markets, Factories and Restaurants. We know that termite infestation is a matter of concern therefore, we always attempt to provide you quality service and strive to fully content our customers. Termites infestation can occur at any place and when it happened at the commercial areas the owners have to face many problems including chances of loss in their business. Therefore we are here to help you in getting rid of all of the termite infestations. Call us now.

Why Choose Impressive Pest Control Melbourne?

  • We are Melbourne’s reputable and most sought company that provide only quality services to its clients.
  • With years of expertise in this industry, we have attained a good name and experience of many years in this industry.
  • We have trained our crew to work with their full dedication and hard work. So we can continue giving the best results to our customers.
  • Our professionals use top-notch tools and eco-friendly solutions to eliminate pest infestations.
  • We provide termite control 24 hours services.
  • We are available on weekends for termite control Melbourne.
  • 24×7 termite inspection and control available.

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Frequently Asked Question on Termite Control Melbourne :

How Can I Prevent Termites from Damaging my Home?

Methods to prevent termites from damaging include:
-Termite inspections from a qualified expert
-Remove excess moisture and wood-to-ground contact, which can be conducive to termite activity.
-Termite monitoring systems.

Are white ants & termites same?

Yes, termites are also known as white ants. White ants & termite – wo different name of same pest. Our white ant control services are exactly the same as our termite treatment.

Are the chemicals being used for termite treatment safe for my family & pets?

Termite treatment solutions used by Impressive Pest Control Melbourne totally safe for your family, however some termite treatment do require you to vacate the premises for a short period of time. All dog food and water bowls are removed while surface spray is completed.

What is the process of a termite inspection?

Termite inspection involves a deep, top to bottom inspection of your house to find signs of termite activity by one of our certified & trained inspector. If the examiner found any sign of termite in your apartment, let you know & you will book termite treatment service.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our termite controller are equipped with Eftpos machines and can accept the following payments method – Cheque, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.