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Get Rid of Termite from Your Place With Termite Control Brisbane

Termite Control Brisbane- Termites cause damage to the billions of dollars of property every single year and get rid of them is a task full of headaches. These termites colonies are very long that if they got control over your house then getting of them becomes very tough.

Your house is your big asset and no one wants their home to be infested and severely damage by termites. Termites can easily destroy the foundation of your house. So how can we get rid of these termites then?

For a complete answer, keep reading the full blog as it will clear all your doubts regarding termites infestation and will also explain the best way to get rid of these termites.

    Types of Termites

    Conehead Termite Removal Brisbane

    Conehead termites

    These termites thrive by feasting on the wood. These termites usually spent time with their colony. Conehead termites are very aggressive and can cause massive damage in a very short span if left untreated.

    Dampwood Termite Removal Brisbane

    Dampwood termites

    These termites thrive of wood that is damp means have high moisture content. Their size is also a bit larger than the size of the other termite species.

    Subterranean Termites Removal Brisbane

    Subterranean termites

    These termites can cause most destruction than other species of termites. These termites can eat wood 24/7 and in some time can cause a collapse of the structure. If mud tubes are found near your residence and it could be a sign of subterranean termites infestation.

    Drywood Termite Removal Brisbane

    Drywood termites

    These termites infest on the dry wood and can get transported from one place to another through an infested furniture. Dry wood termites can form colonies of up to 2500 members.

    Formosan Termite Control Brisbane

    Formosan termites

    The color of these termites is creamy white or brown and their size is around ½ inch. These termites often feed on the hollow wood and cause a lot of damage to the household property.

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    24 Hour Termite Control Services Brisbane

    What Causes Termite Infestation in The Home?

    • Moisture:- Standing water near your premise, leakage in pipes, and improper ventilation are the major sources of termites attraction towards our residence.
    • Cracks or Holes:- If there are cracks or holes in your house doors or walls then you are indirectly providing termites a place to hide. As termites are always looking for food and moisture so they can get attracted to your home and hide in these cracks and holes.
    • Location:- If your residence location is prone to the termite’s infestation then there are high chances that termites will attack on your residence as well.
    • Low sunlight:- Termites love dark and damp places and if your house has low access to sunlight then termite can get attracted to your place.

    What are the Termite’s Infestation Signs?

    • Mud tubes: If you find mud tubes in and near your place then chances are high that your house has been infested by termites. In most of the cases, termites’ mud tubes are found on the foundation of the house.
    • Wood damage: If your house’s furniture or wood in your garden is getting hollower then it could be the reason for termite infestation.
    • Flying termites: If you found flying termites near your house premise frequently, then it could be a sign of infestation.
    • Frass: Frass is termites’ dropping and frass in your residence can be a sign of the infestation.

    Prevention Tips for Termite Control Brisbane

    • Reduce moisture: Reducing moisture near your premise can prevent your house from getting infested from the termites. Check all the pies and fix any of the leaking pipes and also remove any of the standing water near your premise.
    • Monitor wood areas: Try to monitor every wood area in your place regularly and if you see any sign of infestation on the wood then take actions accordingly.
    • Trim shrubs regularly: Trim all the shrubs present in your place regularly so that there is no place to eat or hide for the termites and eventually leave your house without infesting it.

    Tips to Remove a Termite

    For getting rid of termites, you can select some DIY methods like orange oil and vinegar. But these DIY methods will only cause termites to change their place from your residence to another corner of your house causing much more damage to the house property.

    So for getting complete control over termites, you need professional help. Calling Pest Control Experts will be the best idea for getting rid of the termites as they will examine your place and will remove termites from every possible corner and will also ensure that termites will not able to enter your premise again.

    Expert Termite Controllers Brisbane

    Why Hire Impressive Pest Control?

    Impressive Pest Control is a licensed pest control company and we understand the essential determinants to determine the species of the termite and the methods implemented to get rid of them. Our team of experts has many years of experience that can easily remove these pests using Termite Pest Control methods and varied chemical treatments.

    • We appoint the best people who have apt knowledge of pest control treatment.
    • The cost we charge is affordable for everyone in Brisbane.
    • The techniques we use to clean termites are eco-friendly and the chemicals are organic as well.
    • You can choose from a range of booking slots that we provide – same day services, weekday services, and evening service.
    • All our Termite Control Services in Brisbane are in line with industry standards and regulations.
    • Our customer support representatives are available 24 * 7
    • Thus, look no further, and hire our expert Termite Control Services today!

    Areas We Cover

    Our professionals are present in major cities in Australia and their suburbs. We provide service 24*7 and you can contact us at any time and we will be always there to help you get rid of termites’ infestations at your place.

    Areas We Cover

    Our Termite Control Services for Different Sectors

    Commercial Control

    Commercial Termite Control Service

    Hygiene is very important and when a customer visits your shop and finds termites or other pests roaming then the chances are very less that the customer will come back to your shop again. It can affect your business drastically. So you need professionals to make you shop free from termites.

    Residential Control

    Residential Termite Control Service

    Impressive Pest Control can help you get rid of termites from your residence using advanced technologies that will clean up all the termites and will also ensure that termites are not able to enter the residence again.

    End of Lease Control

    End of Lease for Termite Control Service

    When you return the rented property, you are legally bound to do the End of Lease Control Services so that property is returned as it was given in the beginning. Impressive Pest Control provides the End of Lease Control Services at affordable rates with amazing service.

    How much do we cost for the Termite Control Brisbane Service?

    Impressive Pest Control provides the Termite Control Service at a cost-effective price and ensures that termites are not permitted to enter your place again and make it completely free from termites. Our estimated cost is around $200-$300. We also ensure that your family members and pets are not harmed while removing the termites by using modern equipment that is safe and eco-friendly. Book an Appointment Now