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Silverfish Control Melbourne – Do you spot small shiny bugs in your old magazines or any other dark areas? These silver-colored pests are Silverfish and very little in size. Silverfish is a wingless bug with a fish-like shape. These are tiny, charming creatures, but an infestation of these insects could be irritating.

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    What is Silverfish?

    A silverfish is a little, wingless, and silvery grey coloured bug looks like fish found in residential premises. Mostly living in dark places, this night-loving pest can do unimaginable destruction to your belongings. It can found dark & moist areas like bathrooms, sinks, kitchen, attics, and basements. Silverfish can feed onto everything that contains starch such as clothes, books, coffee, carpet, and more.

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    Facts About Silverfish

    • Silverfish are one of the most primitive insects alive today.
    • They feed on food rich in starch, sugar, and protein.
    • These wingless creatures are about ½ inch in length and are bluish-silver in color, these have a hard exoskeleton, look similar to fish in appearance and movements.
    • They generally live in warm temperatures (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit) with high humidity.
    • The number of eggs laid by them varies from species to species and ranges from 2-20 eggs per day.
    • These can lay their eggs any season around the year and their development from the larval stage to the adult stage takes 3-4 months that includes a stage known as molting, during which they shed their dead skin.
    • The most common species that are found in the houses is that of Lepisma. Their common habitats are bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, attics, and the basement of the houses.
    • They are capable of moving very fast making them hard to see and live on food.
    • Their flat bodies make them ideal creepers and hiders capable of squeezing in the smallest cracks and crevices in the house.
    fact about silverfish

    Types of Silverfish

    Around 50 different species of Silverfish are found in Australia that is approx 8% of the World’s Fauna. Following are the common types of Silverfishes:



    It’s a half-inch long silverfish and has a brownish color. It is the most common indoor silverfish found in Australia.

    Common Silverfish

    Common Silverfish

    It loves the damp conditions and is usually found in the kitchen, basements, and bathroom. Its size is around half-inch long and can live up to 7 to 8 years.

    Four Lined Silverfish

    Four Lined Silverfish

    This silverfish is a bit longer in size than other types of silverfish. Its main specialty is that it has four lines below its stomach which makes it unique in appearance.

    Signs of Silverfish Infestation

    Following are the Common Signs of Silverfish Infestation:

    • The noticeable sight of many silverfish is a sure indication of an infestation. If you see a silverfish near your paper trash, clutter, or bookshelves, then the possibilities of a silverfish infestation are pretty high.
    • See for the damages to your old books, papers, or documents as silverfish mainly feast on paper. So, if you notice recurring destruction to anything including paper, then you might have an infestation.
    • Look for their noticeable fecal matter nearby the damaged books or their food sources.
    • Silverfish cast their skin during their life cycle. These external skins are little and delicate.
    signs of silverfish

    Effective Tips to Prevent Silverfish

    • Seal all the Entry Points: Seal all the entry points and for that, you need to fix and repair all the holes or cracks present in the walls, windows, and doors. As the entry barrier is created, Silverfish will be unable to enter your residence.
    • Reducing Moisture: Reducing excessive moisture from your house can lead to the decline of Silverfish count as it becomes difficult for the Silverfish to survive without moisture.
    • Store Dry food in Airtight Containers: Storing food in airtight containers will also result in a drop in the count of Silverfish in your house.
    • Remove Dust Regularly: Removing dust from your house often will lead to a decrease in the population of Silverfish as clean surroundings are not ideal for Silverfish to survive.
    silverfish prevention tips
    why choose impressive silverfish control melbourne

    Why Choose Us for Silverfish Control Melbourne?

    Silverfish infestation can be very destructive. If you have identified such infestation in your house, then call the professionals for silverfish control in Melbourne.

    • We provide free inspections for the customers who are not able to identify the infestations.
    • Our company is licensed and the staff is trained and experienced.
    • We also offer same day services at no extra costs.
    • Our experts also deal with emergency silverfish treatments.
    • We are flexible with our services and available on all holidays. All you need to do is Call Us.
    • We provide follow up cleaning so that your house is fully safe from silverfish infestation.
    • We proudly service the residential and commercial areas. Our experts have a passion for protecting the empire that you have worked very hard to create.
    • We are aware that your family members and kids are your prized assets who deserve protection from these pests. They harbor diseases and contaminate the food sources in the house and damage the goodwill and reputation of your family and business.

    Our Silverfish Control Process

    Silverfishes can be found throughout the structure of a building or a house, inside the books, glue, cloth, etc. Carefully implementing the exterminating process can help you get rid of these creatures. The team of Impressive Pest Control carries out its eradication process as follows:

    • The process starts with an inspection of the whole house to find the place where these pests have entered the house. They also inspect the presence of open food sources, leakages, humid and damp areas because these pests love to reside at these places.
    • Next is their identification. The experts try to identify whether the infestation is of silverfish or some other pests so that they can plan the method of eradication accordingly. They also identify the nesting and the harbourage areas of these insects.
    • After the identification of the species, the experts determine the treatment process.
    • After planning out the specific procedure, they implement the control measures.
    • At the end of the process, our experts document the whole process on paper, like what they found, what procedure they adopted for their eradication, etc.
    • The experts also discuss how the customer should maintain the treatment so that the infestation does not return. They also discuss any follow-up treatments. if required, to make sure that the problem is fully solved.
    silverfish control melbourne
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