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Have you noticed rodent in your place and looking for rat & mice exterminator? Impressive Rodent Control Melbourne is the best choice for you. Having a rodent in your house can be a very traumatic situation but be sure that our professional controller are here to get rid of mice immediately! These rodents are very fast runners and cause damage to household items like shoes, books, and wire as well as furniture using their sharp teeth. The colour combination of the rat found in our houses is brown, black, and grey.

During autumn and winter months, we receive many calls to manage for rat and mice inside residences and businesses. Our approved rodent removal specialists will put an end to your pest issues by getting rid of a rodent inside the house. Our effective approach to safe, proactive removal of rat & mice will eradicate rodent and keep them out of your residence. All you need to do is book an appointment with us by calling at our toll-free number 0485 865 167 and get the appointment today.

    rats types

    Types of Rats

    Black Rat

    Black Rat is not actually black colour, it is brown and grey. They have a scaly tail which is longer than their body. They mostly live on the roof and make shredded materials. Black rats are 9 mm long and they take 12-16 weeks to become an adult.

    Brown Rat

    Brown rats have texture white and grey colour on their body and the bottom part have white and grey colour. It is a very common pest found in Australia. They are mainly found in the bushes in urban sites and live very close to humans. Their size length is 40 mm large. The ears of such rats are also small in size.

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    Signs of Rodent Infestation

    Rat Droppings


    One of the most common types of rodents that invade homes and shops are rats because they enter the house from small holes present inside our houses. Major signs of a rat infestation are finding their droppings.

    Rat Holes


    Rat and mice holes may exist between floorboards or in unlikely places, such as closets. They can also be near gas pipes as well as places surrounding water pipes. Rats are smart creatures and can use every small hole to enter in and can even use gas pipe entry holes behind stoves. Holes can also be found in furniture like bed, sofa, etc.

    Rat Noise


    Rat and mice have a sound mixture of squeaking, hissing, and chattering. You can also hear the noise of gnawing, scratching, and rustling inside homes.

    Rat Tracks

    Musky Odor

    If you smell a musky odour, that means there are rat or mice. This smell tends to become stronger as the infestation more.

    from where rodent enter in home

    How Rat and Mice Enter Your Home?

    • Their body is flexible, so they enter into little cracks and cracked edges of the walls.
    • Rat and mice also move fast, which makes them hard to spot. Most rodents like to live outside, but in wintertimes, the outer atmosphere becomes cold. As a result, rodents hide inside our homes to get cover from harsh temperatures and freezing winds.
    • If there are cracks in your walls, also attract rodent into the house.

    Rodent Control Melbourne: Rodent Borne Diseases

    • Rats and mice are carriers of diseases.
    • Not many people are aware of this, but rodents can spread 35+ diseases.
    • Common diseases that can affect a person are ticks and fleas.
    • Rats and bring foreign germs and diseases into the house. These diseases can spread to a person if he/she handles dead rodents, or if they come in contact with live rodents.
    • The urine and stools of rodents also act as disease carriers. So next time you find mice poop, stay away from it.
    • People who have a weak immune system are always in danger if there are rodents inside a home. They can easily fall sick through the hands of these rodents.
    • Throughout history, rodents have brought a lot of diseases. Hantavirus is propagated by rodents, mice, and squirrels. It is usually contacted by people who come in close contact with the urine of rodents. Hantavirus is a form of respiratory disease and is difficult to beat once contacted.
    • Rodents are also known to carry the plague, the disease which has claimed thousands throughout history.
    Tips to Prevent Rodent

    Tips to Prevent Rodent Infestation

    We all know that prevention is good than cure, so the following points will help you prevent the rodent from accessing your home:

    • Seal your residence by repairing or fixing all the holes of doors or windows, so that entrance of rats is not feasible.
    • Cutting branches of trees near your home so that rodents can’t invade from the trees inside your residence.
    • By doing proper fencing around your house so that an entrance barrier is created and rodents are incapable of entering.
    • Maintaining your home well clean and removing all the dust bin daily will decrease rodents to enter your residence.

    DIYs v/s Expert Controller for Rodent Treatment Melbourne

    Although you can follow DIYs for rodent removal, they are not permanent solutions, and there are many reasons you should not handle rodent problems individually?

    Rodents can infest some other area and infiltrate your places for food. They can access your sites through many undetectable areas. Rodent infestation in your house can reappear if you don’t hire specialists.

    Experts are equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment. With expertise and skill, only experts can provide an efficient solution for rat infestation problems.

    Expert Rodent Controller Melbourne

    Rodent Control Melbourne: Proofing and Trapping

    Rodents are hard to catch. They are quite fast and can hide behind the furniture. People often complain about hearing little squeaking sounds. These little noises indicate the presence of rodents, which are slowly walking inside the walls. You as a homeowner must guard your house against rats and mice. Hire the local pest controllers of Impressive Pest Control today to get the best doorstep rodent control service in Melbourne.

    • We offer our customers the ultimate help in rodent control, Melbourne. One of the best ways to counter the rodent problem in your house is to completely kill it from its core.
    • Once we treat the entire house, rodents can’t enter it. This provides a long-term solution to rodent control. Our methods of rodent proofing are highly effective. We make sure that all entry points for rodents are closed. So no more rodents can enter the house.
    • Impressive Pest Control also offers rodent trapping services. Sometimes it is better to not kill an animal. Thus, whenever we are called for rodent control in Melbourne in any house, we try to catch the rodents alive. We set up traps all around the house to lure any possible rodents in. These traps are strategically placed at certain places that are frequented by rodents. Once the rodents walk into the trap, we collect it and leave the rodent far away from your house.

    Rodent trapping is one of the most effective ways of rodent control. One doesn’t have to kill the rodents instead of trapping them.

    Rodent Proofing and Trapping Service Melbourne

    Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Rodent Controller

    • Make sure that they have experience how to handle rats problems properly
    • Is there rodent treatment Budget-friendly 
    • Are flexible in their way of working to suit your necessities
    • Are sensitive towards your house and people living in
    • Use eco-friendly and human-friendly methods and techniques

    Rodent Control Melbourne: Our Effective Process

    • Further, we often set out traps to catch rats and mice alive.
    • Our traps are well designed and are strategically placed to catch the rodents alive.
    • Even if we ever have to choose to kill the rodent, we do it painlessly.
    • Also, sometimes we use certain chemicals and solutions to drive out the rodents.
    • Often, rodents hide in places that are not visible to the naked eye.
    • Additionally, we use specials solutions that generate a fragrance that drives out rodents.

    Why Hire Impressive Rodent Control Melbourne?

    This question comes in your mind as to why to trust us when there are tons of other pest control providers in the market. So following are the main point which separates us from the rest competition:

    • Effective methods that yield 100% success.
    • Quality service with pocket-friendly prices.
    • Ability to provide long-term solutions. Once you hire us, you won’t face any rodent problem for a long time.
    • Eco-friendly rodent removal solutions.
    • We cover all areas of Melbourne for rodent treatment.

    Thus, talk with us today to get more details.

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    Areas We Cover

    We provide our Rodent treatment services in major cities in Australia and their suburbs. We provide service 24*7 are always present to help you get rid of the rodents from your place.

    areas we cover

    Our Rodent Control Service for Different Sectors

    Residential Rodent Control Service

    Residential Rodent Control Service

    We provide residence rodent control service in which we remove all the existing rodents from your residence and block all the entry points from where rodents can reenter your place and cause infestation again.

    Commercial Rodent Control Service

    Commercial Rodent Control Service

    We provide excellent commercial rodent control services in Australia, our professionals have a keen knowledge of pest management and has all the expertise to make your commercial place free from rodents.

    End of Lease for Rodent Control Service

    End of Lease for Rodent Control Service

    Impressive pest control provides End of lease service at affordable rates and makes sure that there is no compromise with the quality of the work we provide and provides service the same day on the booking.

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