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Possum Removal Brisbane
Possum Removal Brisbane – Under the Wildlife Act, 1975 Possums are protected. You can not kill possums otherwise legal action can be taken. But possums are a type of animal that commonly comes to our home and their removal is necessary for humans otherwise a major loss you can bear. Possums are extraterritorial and if you catch them then only be released within 50 meters of the area. We know that every animal needs the necessary things which we also need as humans. Possums can also eat moths, birds, and eggs as well as baby birds. They basically like domestic gardens. They can also eat everything from roses like their leaves, their seeds, etc. You can easily see the possum on your roof. Call 0485 865 167 today to get quick solution to remove possum.

    Types of Possum’s

    There are so many types of possum, but the following are the main type of possum which are found in Australia.

    Common Brushtail Possum

    Common Brushtail Possum

    • Latin name:- Trichosurus vulpecula
    • Body Size:- 350-550 mm
    • Tail Size:- 250-400 mm
    • Weight:- 1.5-4 kg
    • Place :- Widespread Marsupial of Australia
    The Common Ringtail Possum

    The Common Ringtail Possum

    • Latin name:- Pseudocherius
    • Body Size:- 300-350 mm
    • Tail Size:- 300-350 mm
    • Weight:- 860gm
    • Place :- East Cost of Australia
    Short-Eared Possum

    Short-Eared Possum

    • Latin name:- Trichosurus caninus
    • Body Size:- 500 mm
    • Tail Size:- 400 mm
    • Weight:- 4kg
    • Place :- Mangrove Edges
    Greater Glider Possum

    Greater Glider Possum

    • Latin name:- Petauroides volans
    • Body Size:- 300-480 mm
    • Tail Size:- 450-550 mm
    • Weight:- 1.3 kg
    • Place :- Eucalypt Forests of Eastern Australia
    Sugar Glider Possum

    Sugar Glider Possum

    • Latin name:- Petaurus Breviceps
    • Body Size:- 170 mm
    • Tail Size:- 190 mm
    • Weight:- 120 gm
    • Place :- Northern, Eastern and Southern Parts of Australia
    Yellow-Bellied Glider Possum

    Yellow-Bellied Glider Possum

    • Latin name:- Petaurus australis
    • Body Size:- 480 mm
    • Tail Size:- 300 mm
    • Weight:- 700 gm
    • Place :- Native Eucalypt Forests in Eastern Australia
    Feathertail Glider Possum

    Feathertail Glider Possum

    • Latin name:- Acrobates pygmaeus
    • Body Size:- 65-80 mm
    • Tail Size:- 70-80 mm
    • Weight:- 12 gm
    • Place :- Eastern and South-Eastern Parts of Australia
    Eastern Pygmy Possum

    Eastern Pygmy Possum

    • Latin name:- Cercartetus nanus
    • Body Size:- 70-110 mm
    • Tail Size:- 75-105 mm
    • Weight:- 12 gm
    • Place :- Banksia scrub and eucalypt forests also in south-east coast of Australia
    Western Pygmy Possum

    Western Pygmy Possum

    • Latin name:- Cercartetus concinnus
    • Body Size:- 70-100 mm
    • Tail Size:- 75-90 mm
    • Weight:- 18 gm
    • Place :- Southwest Australia
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    Sign of Possum Infestation

    The following are the signs of the possum infestation which can be seen at your place:

    • Loud scratching noises:- Possums make ripping, scratching, and scuttling noises when they build their nest. So you will most likely hear them whenever they are moving. If you are getting these sounds oftently then you need to contact Prfoessionals for Possum Removal Brisbane.
    • Constant animal vocalizations:- If you hear noises such as hissing, shrieking, clicking, or lip smacking, there can be multiple possums living inside.
    • Building exterior damage::- Look for torn shingles or ripped soffits as well as damaged siding, eaves, and gutters.
    • Disappearing pet food:- Possums love an easy meal and will steal the pet food you leave outdoors. Whenever possible, feed your pets inside or bring the dishes in overnight when opossums are most active.
    • Unpleasant smells:- Because of the size of possum, they leave large droppings all over the area where they live. Their urine and feces stain wooden materials and soak into attic shields. So you need to call professionals for Possum Removal Brisbane

    Prevention Tips For Possum Removal

    A possum might seem like a cute and cuddly organism. Although, in reality, they can wreak havoc on your garden and home. Unlucky for property owners, they are plentiful in and around the Brisbane area, it’s very necessary for people to possum-proof their apartment to keep out these nocturnal creatures.

    • Alarms:- Being exactly designed to track possum catcher, these alarms are sensitive to any motion and sense movement they are designed to either trigger a high-frequency sound or flash-light on the intruder.
    • Electric Fencing:-Out of all the options, these really have the most amount of success, making them exceptionally suitable to solve your problem. But these are some expensive methods to remove possum.
    • Garden Light :- Do set up garden lights but not the ones with anticipated movement. These bring about a sense of alarm as well and the garden becomes a pretty sight. It is a very effective technique to remove possums.

    Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Possum

    You should try to get rid of the possum as soon as possible because they can gnaw your walls, clothes, shoes and wood furniture also. You can try to remove them with the home remedies. The following are the main home remedies which can help you.

    • Use Mothballs:- Mothballs are made up of chemicals and they hate this type of chemical so if you want to get rid of the possum then you should put the mothballs where the possums are seen.
    • Boric Acid:- You can also take the help of boric acid to remove the possum. Make the dough with boric acid and then a small ball of this daugh then put where the possums move.
    • Baking soda:- You can try baking soda, make a liquid with the help of baking soda with water, and apply it into the place of possum to remove them.
    • Ammonia:- It is a form of chemical which is like poison. Take 2-3 spoons of it and mix with 2L of water and spray it. Possums don’t like the smell of it and they will try to get away from your house and garden.
    • Use Spice:- You can take the help of spice like chili powder and mix some powder with water and put into the spray bottle and then spray all over the possum places. Apply it regularly and after some days you will get rid of possum.

    Why Need Professional Help

    Possums are a native Australian animal that doesn’t directly harm humans and they generally stay away from people. However, if they infest a house or workplace, they can affect the building’s occupants. If you see any signs that possums are living on your property and are causing problems, you should take the help of professional possum removal service. As the killing of possums is a crime in Australia. You should take the help of professionals to remove Possum Removal Brisbane from your home, building, and any commercial place.

    Our Possum Removal Services for Different Sectors

    Commercial Possum Removal

    Possums do not check the place before they come into the building and apartment. They can be found in our commercial building because there is paper, wire, and furniture. They can also disturb your office environment. You should take help of professional and Impressive Possum Removal also available for your help.

    Residential Possum Removal

    Impressive Possum Removal is always ready to help you. Possum can be at the place where you live because they can easily get the food and water from such a place. So, we provide Residence Possum Removal also with less price.

    End of lease Possum Removal

    We also offer professional End of lease Possum catcher service at affordable prices. So the place for us does not matter if you were living in a rented property and now you have to empty it then we will also help you to remove possum. You just contact us and Impressive Possum Removal available the service on the same day.

    Areas We Cover

    Impressive Possum Removal available for the service from the last twenty years and in this time period. We cover most of the areas in Australia. We have an expert team which is removing possums from every area where they move. All the products and equipment we use are eco – friendly and safe and dont cause any harm to the environment as well as to humans. We provide same-day service and the following are the area which we cover

    Areas We Cover for possum removal brisbane
    Budget Friendly Possums Removal Brisbane

    How Much It Cost to Remove Possums in Brisbane?

    Impressive Possum Removal Brisbane provides quality service of pest removal brisbane at reasonable rates. Our professionals use advanced treatments to remove possum. Our treatment methods are safe for your family as well as for the environment. We have experience of more than ten years in the Pest Industry and we also provide same day service on the booking day with no extra cost. Our main motto is to provide complete satisfaction to the customers. Our estimated cost is between $100-$400 with T&C applied. Book your appointment today and get Possum Removal Brisbane service today.

    Why Choose Impressive Possum Removal Brisbane

    There are various possum remvoal services into the market but there are some important reasons to choose the best possum removal service for the better result. Impressive Possum Removal has the following feature so that you should choose us.

    • Less Cost High Result:- We service for very less price but on the other hand results are superior and effective, you should try us at least once to remove the possum.
    • Satisfaction:- All of our customers are satisfied with the work, after the service our duty is not finished. We are always ready for your help even after service.
    • Same Day Service:- You will also get the service on the same day of booking. We are always available to you. Our team is also very cooperative.
    • Free Quote Over the Phone:- If you are in any kind of pest problem then we also provide the solution on phone. You can ask any question related to pests and we will try to give you our best solution.
    • Fully Trained Proffesionals:- Our Proffesionals are very expert and trained to remove the possum. You should try our service for the better result and relax.

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