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Pest Control Oatley

Get the best pest services for the pest extermination from Impressive Pest Control Oatley. Our technician team is highly qualified and trained to eliminate all types of pest infestations. We eradicate unwanted pest infestations from both residential and commercial properties. It is important to have the pest control activity done because they can harm you and your family. We treat all type of pest infestation such as bees, rodents, silverfish, spiders, fleas, wasps, termites, flies etc.

Oatley is a suburb of Southern Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia, 2223. It is located 18 Km south of Sydney. We serve all the suburbs of Oatley and also covers the nearby suburbs.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service!

  • Local Pest Control Oatley
  • Affordable Pest Control Services
  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Oatley Based Family Business
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment Chemicals
  • Pest Control Certificates for council
  • Weekend Pest Control work- no extra charge
Pest Control Oatley

Pest Control Oatley

Our Pest Control Services

  1. Residential Pest Control
  2. Commercial Pest Control
  3. Same Day Pest Control
  4. Ant Control, Tick Control
  5. Woodworm Treatment 
  6. Flea Control,
  7. Housefly Control
  8. Bird Mite Control
  9. Silverfish Control
  10. Earwig Control 
  11. Cockroach Control
  12. Mosquito Control
  13. Wasps Control, Carpet Beetle Elimination
  14. Dust Mites Control
  15. Rodents Control
  16. Rats and Mice Control
  17. Spider Control
  18. Bed Bug Control
  19. Wasp Nest Removal
  20. Bees & Wasps Control

Whether it is residential or commercial, people and properties can be in a big trouble by the nuisance of a variety of pests such as bees, mice, rats, ants, and cockroaches etc.

We specialize in controlling household pests with 15 years of experience in this industry. We have properly licensed, well trained, and closely supervised professionals. We own a maximum number of effective services in compliance with strict health management guidelines, when you need to treat pests? Before you even see a pest, there are times when you need to call a pest controller.

Oatley Local Pest Control Company

Impressive Pest Control has been in the business for more than a decade in Oatley. We are a local service provider in the city and very-well aware of the customers’ needs. Thus, we can serve on the same day of the booking as well. All the professionals of our team are affordable and fully licensed. Whether you want the services for commercial or residential pest control, our can team can help you the best. So, when in the need of the local pest control services in Oatley, look no further.

Local Pest Control Oatley

Local Pest Control Oatley

Fumigation services in Oatley

Impressive Pest Control is a certified and licensed company which can deliver you any kind of fumigation service in Oatley. Our professional pest controllers are trained and experienced in delivering fumigation. We follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to safety and precaution. We always emphasise on using safe and eco-friendly chemicals when needed. Fumigation can also contaminate the property, so proper treatments are carried out to prevent your exposure to these harmful chemicals. Call our executives today and book an appointment for fumigation services in Oatley today.

Weekend Pest Control Oatley

When most of the companies remain closed on weekends, Impressive Pest Control keeps open on weekends. We understand that pest control is very necessary and we needs your presence when we are at your service. Working population keep themselves busy on all days except weekends. So they can only get the services on weekends. We love to serve in their interest. The house of working people is more vulnerable to get pest attacks as many things in the house remain untouched for a long gap.

Why You Need a Professional Rodent Controller?

Regular pest control is often the most reliable form of prevention. Rodent bait stations professionally managed by Impressive Pest Control is a trusted rodent deterrent and is safe to use even in locations where children or pets are present.

Our local qualified technician can provide the most suitable treatments for this problem identified in your premises. Professional services are often the most reliable way long-term solution to a pest problem

Why is Professional Pest Control Service Important?

  • They have a powerful pest control solution
  • Professional Pest Controllers carry out a proper pest inspection to know the extent of the infestation
  • They know the right methods to treat all kinds of pests and remove them from your property.
  • Professional also arrange the re-visit to your to property to make sure there is no pest recurrence.

We provide you with a maximum number of odourless treatments and also there is no need to evacuate the place when treated. With our high standard of work, we take great care of the environment as well as your kids and pets. Because our customer’s health is our top priority. We also apply interior and exterior preventive spray to give complete protection to your home.

Professional Pest Control Oatley

Professional Pest Control Oatley

What you can expect from Impressive Pest Control:

  • Reasonable services
  • Eco-friendly and odourless treatments
  • Experienced professionals
  • Impeccable service

Silverfish Control Oatley

Silverfish is a horrible looking crawling pest found in residential premises. Mostly residing in dark places, this nocturnal pest can do unimaginable damage to your belongings. This creepy creature is known for thriving almost every climate and is mostly drawn to dark and damp in your homes such as bathroom, sinks, kitchen, attics and basements.

Silverfish can feed onto everything that contains starch such as clothes, books, glue, paste, sugar, coffee, wallpaper, carpet and more.

Silverfish Control Oatley

Silverfish Control

Silverfish Pest Control Treatment Include:

  • Inspection
  • Treatment

Inspection: Our team will first to a do thorough inspection of silverfish infestation. This will help us identify the problem that leads to their infestation in the home.

Treatment: After the inspection is done, we perform a suitable treatment for the removal of silverfish. The technicians will apply the specialised products to the affected areas for effective Silverfish Control. Our treatment for silverfish control in your home include pesticides powder and liquid applications.

Ants Control Oatley

Ants are one of the most common insects that live in more or less permanent nests. They form colonies of various sizes which are mostly located in soil, wood or among rock. They are often seen around foundations and in voids, roofs, walls, kitchens, lawns or gardens, the wood of decaying trees and terraces. You can easily realize a well-defined trail of worker ants from the nest to the place where food sources have been established.

Ants Control Oatley

Ants Control

Ants Control Services Include:


Identifying the correct species of ant causing the problem is very essential. Since all ant species have different food and nesting preferences so it is important to identify them. The most successful way of dealing with an ant infestation is locating nests and eradicating their ‘house”. A thorough inspection will provide important clues to successful treatment. To find Ant nests, follow the ant trails.

  • Inside a house: Inspect along the windows, carpet edges, doors, and the kitchen area. To find a trail to the nest, the easiest way is to watch where ants go after reaching the food source.
  • Outside the house: Inspect around areas of plants, base walls, and organic material. Any vegetation found near walls and courtyards may hide some Ant nests or their trails.

Chemical Treatments:

There is a wide range of Chemical treatments for ant control which include granules, liquid, and dry powder formulation. These products are based on synthetic pyrethroids which are much safer for your family and pets.

Ant Baiting:

Ants baits are a highly effective ant control tool. Selected the correct bait can be and encourage ants to feed, after correct identification of the ants. The advantage of using ant baits is that the ants transfer the bait back to the colony; if the baiting job is done properly, this can exterminate the entire colony with a single visit. While, you can ignore a disadvantage of baits which is to reload it over time – and the ants will not perish off instantly, so you need to be patient. Well, that’s not a very thing to make an issue of.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Providing sanitation and hygiene recommendations and procedures to help customers (commercial or domestic) prevent future ant incursions.

  1. There should be no food particles in the area.
  2. The effective use of chemicals relies on a thorough inspection prior to the application of chemicals.
  3. Apply ant control procedures when you know the exact location of an ant nest.

Bed Bugs Control Oatley

Bed Bugs are a public health pest that has plagued mankind for eras. In recent times there has been a renaissance of this pest, particularly in hostels and hotels around the world; Bed Bug Control must be an ongoing activity for many businesses and in some homes.

Bed bugs are small crawling insects with a flat oval shape. Their flattened body allows them to squeeze into small cracks and crevices and as a result, they are hard to detect and eliminate. These are blood-sucking insects and require blood for nutrition and development.

Bed Bugs Control Oatley

Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bugs Control Services include:

  1. Inspection of the premises
  2. Treatment of the affected rooms
  3. Follow up inspection

Inspection: The essential first step in Bed Bug management is pest identification and determining the extent and level of infestation. Site inspection is crucial. After inspection and before treatment, washing down the surfaces having blood spots not only improves the appearance but also allows a follow-up inspection with greater assurance. In extreme situations it may be better to discard the mattress – burning or tipping is recommended, confirming that other items do not become infected. When moving affected items care should be taken, it is recommended to seal them in plastic bags before they leave the room. Wash bed linen in hot water followed by a hot dryer. Place sensitive materials in the freezer allowing enough time for the entire volume of the item to reach the temperature of the freezer.


Chemical: It involves the direct use of registered pesticide to harborages such as a mattress, base, slats, carpet edges, tack board below carpet, cracks & crevices, wardrobes and cupboards.

Follow Up: The premises would then need to be quarantined for 7-10 days if chemically treated until a follow-up inspection could declare the elimination of infestation. Reapplication would be necessary if live bedbugs were found on this visit and a further 7-10 days quarantine of those rooms and a final follow up inspection.

Non-Chemical: We use the latest treatment Cryonite (dry ice) from Europe which literally freezes the pest to death. The benefit is it kills all stages in the Bed Bug life cycle, including adult and eggs at the time of treatment.

Follow up: Make sure to do a follow up within 7-10 days. And apply measure against future bed bug infestation if required.

Cockroach Pest Control Oatley

Cockroaches are able to crawl into the most unlikely places and become household pests. They have flattened bodies with a reddish-brown colour. Because of their flattened bodies, they are able to live and breed in the smallest of gaps in kitchen and food preparation areas. We offer a wide range of chemical and non-chemical treatments for cockroach species. We do not recommend treatment for Native Australian cockroaches because they normally live outside and come inside by accident only in search of food.

Cockroach Pest Control Oatley

Cockroach Pest Control Oatley

  • Non-chemical treatments include:
  • Glue boards
  • Pheromone traps
  • Cryonite
  • Good hygiene sanitation.

Chemical treatments include:

  • Sprays
  • Dust
  • Insect Growth Regulators
  • Pyrethrum gas
  • Gels

Spider Pest Control Oatley

Spiders are those creepy creatures that know all the possible ways to intrude into your places and create havoc. Most of the spiders are harmless to humans, but there are several species that can have harmful effects. Their bites can cause serious serious pain and irritation to humans. Therefore it is important you take their spider infestation seriously and hire professional help for their removal. Treating spiders on your may not be your thing, but the experts like us know it better and do it effectively.

  • Safe and effective Spider Control
  • Eco-friendly chemicals for the spider removal
  • Complete removal of spiders
Spider Pest Control Oatley

Spider Pest Control Oatley

Wasps and Bees – Pest Control Oatley

Don’t confirm wasps with bees, in particular, Honey Bees – however, these vary in colour from golden brown to almost black and are furrier than wasps. They can build nests outdoors under eaves or, if they can gain access, they can find sheltered areas inside your home, such as wall cavities, roof spaces, and attics.

Bees are winged insects which are found globally, of the order Hymenoptera. More than 20,000 bee species are on record. Megachile pluto, the largest of bees while Perdita minima, the tiniest of these creatures.

  • Call in a professional to remove bee swarms or beehives.
  • Treatment involves the introduction of an insecticide dust or sprays into their nest via the entry tunnel.

Mice and Rats – Pest Control Oatley

Discovering rodents in your house can be very stressful. There are ways you can deter rats and prevent an infestation. Proof your property to deter rats and mice: Rodents enter your house in the search for shelter and food. Rodents are good climbers and will happily inhabit lofts. Brown rats can climb but tend to borrow more. They are very adept at swimming in sewers and drain systems. Both species will gnaw at gaps to enlarge them enough for easy entry.

  • Entrances – fit strips to the bottom of doors and weather-stripping around exterior doors as a deterrent.
  • Gaps in exterior walls – fill holes or small openings (around utility cables or pipework) with stainless steel wire wool and caulking or concrete.
  • Roofs – repair roof damage and use wire mesh to seal gaps. Trim vegetation away from your home.
  • Drains and sewer pipes – keep toilet seat lids closed. Check that all drain pipes are in good working order. Eliminate clutter and items like firewood next to your home.
Mice and Rats Pest Control Oatley

Mice and Rats Pest Control

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Oatley

A pre-purchase pest inspection is one of the important steps when you are in the process of buying a home or a property. Why? Well, you certainly would not want to invest your hard-earned money on a pest infested property. Therefore, in order to ensure that you are investing money in the right place, it is important to hire the professional pest inspection services from Impressive Pest Control Oatley. In case, our professionals find any pest issues at the property, they can also provide you with the best pest control solution on your order. So, do not let the pests become a hurdle, hire our experts for the effective removal of these unwanted guests from your future home.

Pest Inspection Oatley

Pest Inspection

Flea Control Oatley

Fleas are the annoying pests that trouble your pets as well as your family members. Their presence in the home can never let you breathe in peace. Fleas cause serious itching and rash to both animals and humans. There are a few signs and indications that tell you about the presence of these nasty creatures in the home, such as salt and pepper spots on your pet’s bed, constant scratching of your pet, and bites marks on your skin. You may also happen to spot fleas and its larvae around your pet’s bed. All these indications point towards the extremely high infestation of these nasty pests. Only experienced professionals like us can handle such difficult cases, as they are trained to do the same and possess all the required tools and pest control chemicals. So, when in need, look no further and hire the best services for Flea Control Oatley.

Get rid of pest infestations from your business

We know the importance of a neat, tidy and pest free business space and therefore we are here to help you get rid of pests. Business places require a modern and customised approach for pest control so we offer pest control services for the following:

Food processing units

Any kind of pest infestation in your food processing units can cause hazards and disasters. Pest infestation will spread and contaminate large quantities of food. If pest infestation goes unnoticed this may lead to the mass epidemic as well so its advisable that you hire professionals like us. We at Impressive pest control will provide you complete eradication of pests from your food processing units. We will inspect for the source of the infestation and remove and treat it effectively. We will eradicate any number of pests before they can cause harm and damage food products.

Food Retail Stores

Food retail stores are always loaded with food and food products which are always at a risk of pest infestation. Rotten or decomposing or contaminated food products will promote pest infestation and affect the complete store. Its strictly suggested that you hire professionals like Impressive Pest control. We can identify the source of the infestation and treat it using the latest products. We will disinfect the store after pest treatment and make sure no damage is done to the food products. Never ever suffer from pests in future again as well by hiring us today.


Future of the country and our beloved sons and daughters can get exposed to various diseases and illnesses caused by pest infestation. Because of the large area, schools can suffer from pest and pests often go unnoticed. Pests will compromise the hygiene and environment of the school campus and drastically affect the health of students and teachers. We at Impressive pest control will provide permanent solution for pest infestation problems. Our pest exterminators can inspect every place of the school for the source of pest infestation. Various pest control and treatment methods will be carried out to get rid of pests. We also disinfect and sterilise the pest infestation source post the treatment.

Child/Aged Care Centres

Impressive pest control can provide the best pest control services for old age and child care centres. These places are very much prone to pests and it can drastically affect the health of kids and old aged people. Old people and kids are very vulnerable to diseases and these pests can expose them to various illnesses. We will provide the best pest treatment for these centres and eradicate any number of pests within a day. At the end of our service, we will make sure that the old age care centre is pest free and provide further protection and prevention form pests.

Restaurant pest control

Restaurants are very very prone to pest infestations and this can also affect the health of workers and people visiting it. Due to the constant presence of food, sewage and garbage management, chances are pests will attack somehow. Impressive pest control is an experienced name that can provide you with restaurant pest control services. We can inspect the kitchen, garbage bins and every corner of the restaurant for the source fo infestation. We follow a modern approach to pest management. The use of safe and eco-friendly products for extermination to prevent damage to the hygiene and overall environment. Now get rid of pests from any restaurant within 24 hours by hiring Impressive Pest control today.

Other common pest control services offered by our experts
We have an expert team of professionals who have a vast knowledge of pests and their treatments. We offer the pest control services for the following also:

Restaurant Pest Control Oatley

Restaurant Pest Control Oatley

  • Moth Control

    Moth infestation is very difficult to get rid of as the moth’s eggs and larvae are very small and can spread to every part of the property. Moths can compromise home hygiene and lead to a bad home environment. Moths can also cause severe damage to your belongings. Impressive Pest control has years of experience in moth pest control service. We can identify and treat the source of moth infestation, provide perfect and complete removal of moth eggs and larvae. Now get rid of moths within a day by hiring us.

  • Flies and Mosquitoes Control

    House Flies are not only irritating but they are very dangerous as they carry harmful pathogens. They can contaminate your food sources by spreading these pathogens from one place to another. Mosquitoes, as we all know, are known to spread malaria, dengue and many other diseases. Mosquitoes can infest your water storage systems and reoccur from time to time. We have an experienced staff of pest controllers who can eradicate and remove flies and mosquitoes from your property. We can identify the source of their eggs and larvae and treat it effectively. Hiring Impressive pest control will not only get rid of these pests but will also prevent them from reappearing.

  • Tick Extermination

    Ticks are a species of arthropods and they are ectoparasites that live on the blood of mammals like humans. Ticks can infest your garden, plants or any other place and affect your livelihood and health. Ticks are known to spread many diseases like typhus, Lyme disease etc. We at Impressive pest control can look for the source of their infestation. We will provide perfect removal and eradication of ticks from your residence. Our pest control service will also prevent future appearances of ticks and provide complete eradication of ticks within a day.

  • Dust Mites Removal

    Dust mites are small creatures that harbour and survive within the dust. Dust mite infestation can be very problematic and it is itself a sign of a dirty and unclean property. Dust mites are known to cause many kinds of allergies to humans. Kids, pets and the elderly are more prone to get affected by dust mites. We at Impressive pest control can provide you with dust mite removal service. Our pest controllers use effective and safe products for dust mite termination. We use the latest tools and equipment to get rid of their source of infestation as well.

Same Day Pest Inspection in Oatley

We at Impressive Pest Control give every possible try to keep our customers happy. Thus, we are also ready to serve our customers for same day pest inspection services. We understand the occurrence of heavy pest infestation can make your life hell, thus, we reach your place on the same day for the pest inspection. We inspect all the accessible and prospective areas of your home to locate heavily infested areas and entry points. After the inspection, we discuss the scenario with the homeowners and proceed with the pest control process.

Same Day Pest Control Oatley

Same Day Pest Control Oatley

Why Impressive Pest Control Oatley?

  • Impressive Pest Control is a specialized pest control service provider. We have been protecting Oatley’s premises for the last 15 years.
  • We provide you with the best of professional technicians in Oatley with ample knowledge and experience. Also, we give monthly training to our staff to make their skills in pest control unbeatable.
  • We have a devoted team of licensed, insured, and professionally trained specialists for pest control.
  • We aim to deliver the child and pet-friendly pest control solutions at Impressive Pest Control Oatley.
  • We help you get rid of numerous kinds of poisonous and dangerous pests such as rats, flies, fleas, wasps, and cockroaches etc. and that too at reasonable price in Oatley.
  • Call us today for pest free life!
  • We deter dangerous pests from your homes/offices with our latest equipment to deliver guarantees and reasonable pest control solutions. With our 15 years of experience in this industry, we guarantee effective solutions.
Expert Pest Control Oatley

Expert Pest Control

Call us today on 0485 865 167 or contact us online to see how we can help you with the pest problem.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control Oatley

Are you available on weekends?

Yes, Experts of Impressive Pest Control Oatley are available on weekends to give the service. There are many customers who can not be available on working days. This service is made for them as well as others.

Will I have to move out of the house during the service?

The chemicals used by our professionals of Impressive Pest Control Oatley are not so harmful but it is advised to cover the things in the house. Take out the pets as well as kids. We know it is not harmful but why to take any risk.

Are the chemicals safe?

The chemicals being used in the service by our experts of Impressive Pest Control Oatley are safe in use. We are also aware of and concerned about the safety and security of our customers. So, we recommend safe chemicals.

How much will the pest control cost?

The cost for pest control varies depending on the size and the type of pest infestation. Our average cost for the pest control ranges from $175 – $350.

Is it necessary to have a monthly pest control?

No, its not compulsory to have a monthly pest control because if you have normal pest infestations such as cockroach then you can simply pest spray it. But should have a pest control done from a professional team, if you have a serious pest infestations.

Great work done by company's team

Aby, іs оur Impressive Pest ControlТесh. І аррrесіаtе thаt wе hаvе thе sаmе tесh еvеrу tіmе wе hаvе а sеrvісе. Не соmmunісаtеs wеll іf hе sееs sоmеthіng thаt nееds аddrеssіng, аnd hе аlwауs lеts us knоw whеn hе's соmіng оut fоr а sеrvісе. Rесеntlу, mу hоusе wаs іnundаtеd wіth tіnу аnts. Aby саmе оut rіght аwау tо sеt trарs, аnd іt wоrkеd wоndеrfullу. І wоuld rесоmmеnd Impressive Pest Control tо mу frіеnds.
- Ruby

Fast And Reliable

I am really scared of rats and I found many rats in my place suddenly. Thank god I had the contact details of Impressive Pest Control and I called them. The pest controllers arrived on the same day to help me. In a short time, they removed all the rats from my place. I am really happy with their work. They are very quick and you can completely rely on them. Thank you guys, for your kind help. I would like to spread a word about service to all my friends and family.
- Jacob Jasmine

Go away spiders

It is so creepy to see spiders everywhere in your house. You can get an infection also. I got some allergy and therefore called this Impressive Pest Control They offered spider control services in budget and till now I have not faced any problem. Thanks, the team you did a great job
- OliviaJones

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