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When it comes to top-rated pest control service providers in Hobart, you simply can’t miss Impressive Pest Control. With years of experience and reliable services, we have become one of the leading companies in Hobart. Our skilled team of pest control Hobart experts uses different treatment plans for various pests. Moreover, we use eco-friendly solutions and focus on long-term removal processes. We remove pests such as bed bugs, termites, spiders, possums, and more. Furthermore, our rates are attractive, and we offer different booking slots. Do you have an emergency pest infestation issue? Don’t worry! Our team can handle that too!

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    Top Quality Pest Removal Services:

    We offer a wide range of pest control services in Hobart. Our expert controllers are accredited and equipped to deliver all varieties of pest control services. Our Pest Exterminator uses various pest removal solutions and methods according to the type of pest and their infestation.

    spider control

    Spider Control Hobart

    possum removal

    Possum Removal Hobart

    bed bug control

    Bedbug Control Hobart

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    Termite Control Hobart

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    Cockroach Control Hobart

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    Rodent Control Hobart

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    Ant Control Hobart

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    Wasp Control Hobart

    Welcome to Hobart’s Leading Pest Control Company

    Impressive Pest Control is a renowned name in Hobart that can provide you with all kinds of extermination services. We are an age-old and experienced brand that can help you get rid of all the pests in no time. Ours is a leading and most trustworthy name when it comes to professional pest control. We are well-known for our Pest Inspection Hobart. With years of experience and training, we have developed modern methods. Book us for your Pest Control Same Day services in Hobart. Our professionals are well qualified and certified in pest control services. We will deliver a one-time solution for all your pest infestation problems.

    Pest Spray Services in Hobart

    Our company offers effective pest spray services in Hobart. In case you are having a few pest infestations at home, do hire us out. In addition to this, all of our pest sprays are environment-friendly and safe.

    Importance of Pest Treatment Services

    We provide you with a maximum number of odorless treatments and also there is no need to evacuate the place when treated. With our high standard of work, we take great care of the environment as well as your kids and pets. Our top priority is customer’s health.  Our Pest Control Services is one of a kind. We also apply interior and exterior preventive spray to give complete protection to your home. Moreover, we follow Natural Pest Control Hobart measures in rendering services. Professionals also arrange the re-visit to your property to make sure there is no pest recurrence.

    Same Day Services

    Are you searching for same-day pest management services in Hobart? Our pest exterminators can help. We run same-day booking options and offer prompt solutions to all your pest control needs. So, reach out to us whenever required.

    All set to get in touch? Dial our 24/7 helpline number now.

    Spider Control Hobart

    Spider Control Hobart

    Spiders are creepy creatures that know all the possible ways to intrude into your places and create havoc. Most spiders are harmless to humans, but several varieties can have harmful effects. Their bites can cause severe pain and irritation to humans. Therefore you must take their infestation seriously and hire expert help for their removal. Appoint us for all your Pest Treatment needs. Treating spiders on your may not be your thing, but the experts of Pest Control Hobart service know it better and do it effectively.

    Cockroach Control Hobart

    Are you fed up with annoying roaches and want to get rid of them immediately? Do not worry! We are here to preserve your property from a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are the most common insect that is found in every corner of the world includes Hobart. We are your best result for the search “Pest Exterminator Near Me.” Cockroach infests our home, especially the kitchen, because of food. They are high-risk insects to have in your house and commercial property. Book Impressive Pest control professional to remove an infestation of cockroaches.

    cockroach control Hobart
    possum removal Hobart

    Possum Removal Hobart

    Do you want to relocate the possum from your roof? With an approved possum catcher, Impressive Possum removal is your local possum catcher team. We are a Local Pest Control Company in Hobart. You can trust our equipped specialists will be on time and relocate possum from your area. Our top-rated possum catcher is friendly, and we have legally licensed possum to possum removal. As you know, the killing of possums is not legal, so we only relocate them. Call our team to remove the possum from your roof or other places in your home.

    Rodent Control Hobart

    Our Home Pest Control covers rodent removal and treatments. Rodent did lots of destruction to household items, agricultural land, and other premises. With many years of experience, Impressive Pest Control Hobart control all the rats and mice with the help of advanced tool and procedures. Rodent bait stations expertly managed by us are excellent rodent removal techniques and is protected to use even in areas where children or pets are already. Book us when you search “Rat Pest Control Near Me.”  Our equipped local specialist can provide the most suitable treatments for this problem identified in your premises. Expert services are often the most reliable way to a long-term solution to a pest problem.

    rodent control Hobart
    bed bug control Hobart

    Bedbugs Control Hobart

    Our Professional Pest Controller staff offers the best bed bug removal service in Hobart. Bedbugs feed on the blood of the living organism and prefer warm-blooded animals as their food source. Bedbugs create several health issues for humans. It is essential to manage them as bedbugs cause skin diseases and other allergic signs. If you see a bloodstain on bedsheets, undesired odor, or eggshells inside your living premises. You can use some DIY to prevent these bedbugs but to have the prominent solution call Impressive Pest Control Hobart today. We are your best Hobart Pest Control providers. Our fully qualified, trained pest exterminator team gives you complete extermination from unwanted pesky bedbugs pest at the most reliable cost.

    Ant Control Hobart

    Living with ants is a frustrating task. They are impossible to control. Ants are social insects, and they love to live in colonies. They scavenge for their food in dirty places and walk straight to your home with the same contamination. The object that comes in direct contact with the ant gets contaminated, and it will harm your health if you intake that product. They love to feed the sugar-coated materials. Ants don’t have ears, but they hear with the vibration generated on the ground by their feet. We have your solution to the findings of “Pest Exterminator Near Me.”  Impressive Pest Control Hobart control insects by using the chemical that is safe for your kids and pets. Call us today to guard your premises and health against the infestation of ants.

    ant control Hobart
    termite control hobart

    Termite Control Hobart

    Are you bothered about termite infestation in your house? Do not be upset!! Impressive Pest Control is a professional in managing all kinds of termites. We provide full assurance from the termites. Before purchasing a house, you should take a termite investigation service. They are secretive creatures & rarely seen until the damage has already done. Book our fully approved and equipped exterminator for effective termite elimination service.

    Waps and Bees Control Hobart

    The appearance of wasp and bees inside domestic and commercial places causes much trouble. Bees come inside your house in search of building their nest. They favor dark and shaded places for their nest. Bees are beneficial for the environment in many ways, but living around them is dangerous. Bees use their sting to preserve themselves and their nest. Their bite gives mild pain, but some people experience severe allergic reactions. Impressive Pest Control Hobart deals with the wasp and bees and also provides protective measures against them. Hire us for Pest Inspection and we will inspect your place thoroughly on the same day of booking. We also ensure that bees don’t come back to that place and make their nest.

    wasp and bee control Hobart

    Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection

    A pre-purchase pest inspection is one of the essential steps when you are in the process of buying a home or a property. We have invested in our pest management and pest control staff. Why? Well, you certainly would not want to invest your hard-earned money in a pest-infested property. Therefore, to ensure that you are spending money in the right place, it is essential to hire professional pest inspection services from Impressive Pest Control. In case our professionals find any pest issues at the property, they can also provide you with the best pest control solution on your order. Hire our best pest specialists now and redeem our exceptional pest control services. Do not let the pests become a hurdle; hire our experts for the effective removal of these unwanted guests from your future home.


    End of Lease Pest Treatment Hobart

    Need an end of lease pest control services or shifting your location? Avail of end-of-lease pest control services at Impressive Pest Control to get your bond back. As per the end of the lease agreement, It is necessary to avail end of lease pest control services before leaving or moving into the home or office. Our controllers have satisfied many tenants with the end-of-lease pest control services. Get end-of-lease pest control services at pest control Hobart, to get rid of pests before leaving the rented property. Our fully trained, certified & experienced pest exterminator never let you down, we provide you the best end-of-lease pest protection service. Impressive pest control is a top pest treatment company in Hobart. Hire us to get rid of pests before leaving the rented property.

    end of lease pest control

    Get Your Home and Workplace Free From Pest Infestations

    Being a versatile pest control service provider we deliver Pest Control Hobart service for all residential and commercial spaces. Call us for effective pest removal anytime within Hobart. As a local brand in Hobart, we can reach your property in no time and eradicate all the pests within 24 hours. Types of properties we serve:

    Residential Properties

    Our team of pest controllers will reach your residence and attend to the pest infestation problem. We will inspect and check every corner of your place for the source of the infestation. Safe, effective, and eco-friendly products are used to get rid of pests without harming the home environment. We do our job with perfection and leave no mess behind. We will eradicate any number of pests from your home within the same day of hiring.

    Commercial Properties

    Restaurants, schools, department stores, malls, or any other commercial space can face pest infestation problems easily. We can also provide treatment and eradication of pests for all commercial spaces. Specialized tools and equipment are utilized to help get rid of all the pests. We have developed advanced techniques for pest control depending upon the structure and premises of your commercial property. Also provide a complete inspection of your property to look for signs and sources of pest infestation.

    Industrial Properties

    We offer services for your industries, factories and warehouses. Industrial pest control is a complex process as pest infestation is drastically different for industries and factories. Factories are also prone to different pest infestations like that of birds, moths, etc which are not very common in homes. We will provide complete eradication of pests from your industry and also provide prevention from pests. Now maintain the hygiene of your factory and the health of your workers and boost your productivity with us

    pest control hobart

    Most Popular Extermination Treatments

    We are an experienced name in pest control which can offer different methods for pest treatments. We also deliver fumigation and heat treatment for pest treatment.

    epest treatment hobart


    We are a licensed and certified company that can deliver fumigation services for any commercial or residential space. We have highly qualified and experienced teams of exterminators. Follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to safety and precaution. We can deliver all kinds of fumigation services using specialized equipment and tools. Safety is the utmost concern that’s why we avoid using harmful and corrosive chemicals.

    Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment is used to provide sterilization to both imported and exported goods without using toxic and harmful gases. It is an easy and environmentally friendly option to safely eradicate pests without causing harm to your goods and products. Mostly organic products are treated by heat as the dangerous fumigating chemicals can damage and contaminate them. We have many kinds of heat treatment solutions for your goods and products.

    Pesticides Spray

    Pesticides solutions are prepared according to the types of pests and sprayed in the infested regions. The pesticide solution directly impacts the pests and most of them get killed. This method is helpful for controlling and exterminating all types of pests which can grow at your premises. We provide the best professionals with the latest equipment and pesticides for this service. Get the spray with the professional’s help and keep your house away from the pests.



    Impressive Pest Control Hobart is available 24X7 hours to protect all the residential and commercial places from all types of pests. We provide all types of services that are used to control pests. With new techniques and methods, we offer 100% satisfaction to our clients. We also work on Saturday and Sunday without any extra charge. The chemicals used by our expert technicians are harmless for your kids and pets. We take the utmost care of your property while delivering pest control treatment. We are the local pest controllers of Hobart. Also, provide the best possible practical at the lowest prices regarding pest control services. We cover all the localities of Hobart. So don’t wait! Book today, Impressive pest exterminators for affordable pest treatment & get the best pest removal service.

    Our Pest Control Process

    Pest Inspection:

    Before pest infestation eradication service, our pest controller team firstly inspects the infested place to find pests and understand infestation intensity. After knowing the type of pest & size of the infested area, we plan pest control treatment services according to pest infestation intensity. Our pest inspector fully trained, certified & experienced to inspect all types of pests.

    pest inspection

    Regular Follow up

    Some pests do not immediately disappear. Follow-up treatment may be needed in that case like we generally recommend follow-up pest infestation for German roaches infestation. After the pest control service, we revisit the pest infested place to recheck the growth of pest infestation. Then we apply some pest elimination solutions to check that it is working or not.

    regular follow up for pest

    Pest Treatment:

    In the end, after observing the effectiveness of the solutions, we properly exterminate pests. Sometimes we use solutions that force pests to come out from their hidden places, so we wait for pests then we kill them. After completing the pest control treatment, we apply effective solutions around pests hidden spots and corners to avoid future pest infestation.

    pest treatment

    Pest Removal in Hobart & Nearby Areas

    Impressive pest control is the no. 1 pest extermination company across Hobart. Impressive Pest exterminator is available all over Hobart. We value our words, and if we say that, we do that too. Our Professionals eradicate the pests from all your residential and commercial places, including in-between walls, roof area, and underground premises. We execute a complete solution for your pest problem.

    We provide effective pest extermination services includes Ant infestation treatment, Bedbugs eradication, possum removal, scorpion eradication, moth & termite elimination, borer control, Bees & wasp removal, Cockroach control, rat & mice Control, Silverfish removal, Spiders elimination, Ticks, Mosquitoes Control, Slug treatment, in all suburbs of Hobart.

    Not only Hobart, but we also cover suburbs that are near Hobart such as Moonah, Howrah, North Hobart, and Battery Point. Professional controllers can exterminate all kinds of pests on the same day of booking. Experience exceptional and excellent pest control Hobart services with our expert controllers.

    Why Choose Impressive Pest Control Hobart?

    • Impressive Pest Control is a specialized pest control service provided. We have been protecting Hobart’s premises for the last 15 years.
    • We provide you with the best professional technicians in Hobart with ample knowledge and experience. Also, we give monthly training to our staff to make their skills in pest control unbeatable.
    • We have a devoted team of licensed, insured, and professionally trained specialists for pest control.
    • We aim to deliver child and pet-friendly pest control solutions.
    • Get rid of numerous kinds of poisonous and dangerous pests such as rats, flies, fleas, wasps, and cockroaches, etc., and that too at a reasonable price in Hobart.
    • Call us today for pest-free life!
    • We deter dangerous pests from your homes/offices with our latest equipment to deliver effective pest control solutions.

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