Pest Control Advice When Buying A New Home

It’s only natural that you might miss a few chores from your mind, when you are excited about buying a new house. However, you’ll only enjoy your new home to the fullest when you keep the top priority of its maintenance tasks. One among the common things that many of us really think about only until it’s too late – Pest Control Brisbane. But, before you shift into your newly purchased house, remember to contact pre-purchase pest controllers. Pre-Purchase pest controllers’ top most priority is to first properly inspect for any pest infestations. 

A pest inspector can definitely determine if there are any big infestations, unwanted pests and how long have they been in your house. After the proper inspection, the pest inspector will give you a report with details about the problem in your house. Moreover, they’ll also tell you if your house requires further treatment as one-time extermination or long-time management. Let’s get to know a little pest control advice.

Essential Checklist Before Buying A New House 

  • Check The Yard 

It’s worth it giving the yard one good going over, even if the previous owner took very good care of it. In fact, check for anthills, termite mounds, wasp or bee nests, burrowing animals and any other signs of pests. Especially, cut down the overgrown shrubs and trees which are close to your house. Moreover, for extra safety, trim the grass properly to prevent any lurking pests underneath. In addition to this, if there’s a pond or man-made lake, make sure there’s no stagnant water in it. This is because there may be a change of mosquito breeding in stagnant water. 

  • Replace The Furniture

In case if the previous owner left behind their furniture, it’s only ideal to swap them with new ones. Also, you might never know there might be any bed bugs in the mattress, which are very difficult to remove. Bed bugs are real risky pests to control. In addition to this, just to be safe, it’s better to wash all your clothes, towels or any other fabrics in hot water before packing them. 

  • Explore The Cabinets

It’s better to take a good look inside the cabinets before placing your nice dishware in the kitchen cabinets. Just to make sure if the cabinets are thoroughly clean and neat. Moreover, check out for any mice or other rodent mounds in dark areas as they easily occupy the vacant houses. Furthermore, check for any pests droppings, holes in dark backs, and chewed up wood. 

  • Inspect The Wood Carefully

A good wood attracts many types of pests, like mainly termites. You can learn a lot from just the woodwork, so go for rounds in your house to check everything from doors to windows and any other furniture. If there is a termite infestation, you’ll find the indication of dry and brittle wood. 

So, it’s wise to get rid of those pests before planning to buy the house. Better safe than sorry. Moreover, make sure to also check outdoor woods that are an inch away from the house. This is because, for ants and termites, untreated wood is like heaven and eats through that untreated wood and gets into your house. 

  • Check For Foundation Cracks

Pay attention to the foundation cracks and check outside the house thoroughly. As small and big crickets can easily gain access into the house through any cracks and holes. In fact, you can call pest exterminators to prevent their entry. They’ll close small holes using caulk and large holes using expanding form. Additionally, to ensure there are no nests down there, also check the crawlspace. 

  • Check The Attic 

For critters, attics are like their own home, so head up to check the attic properly. If the attic is poorly sealed, it is a popular living place for any pests like bees, wasps and bugs etc. As the attic is normally dark and warm, pests easily take it as their shelter. So, they will cause costly damage to your house if you don’t get rid of them completely. 

Reach Out To Our Pest Control Professionals

There’s a lot you can do by yourself about pest controlling. But, it’s not easy to check and exterminate each type of pest everytime. So, it’s always a good idea to get the professionals involved regarding pest control. Our Impressive Pest Control Brisbane’s staff are pros in thorough inspection for any pest control services. We have the best team of pests exterminators in and around the suburbs. Moreover, you are free to book our pest control services 24/7 of the day. In addition to this, our bookings are available on weekends too. We also have an excellent team of technicians for pest removal services. Call us now to avail all our services! 

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