Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants With Home Remedies

Best Ants Pest Control

Best Ants Pest Control

Tired of seeing ants wandering all across the home? No remedies seem to work? Well, this can be the case when ant infestation has reached to a higher extent. If you have found the trailing of ants on the walls and have a strong urge to get rid of them, then congratulate yourself for landing on the right page. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best ways of ant control and removal completely.

These are The Methods You Can Use to Make Your Premise Ant Free


Make a mixture of the equal parts of white vinegar and water and wipe down the places you have spotted ants wandering such as cupboards countertops, tables, and your other belongs. Keep repeating the process to maintain the effect of the mixture. Besides working as ant-repellent, vinegar can serve a great purpose in cleaning the home. The reason behind vinegar being a remedy is, ants can’t take the smell of vinegar, thus its application will remove the scent trails.


Borax can work wonders in getting rid of many pests and ants are one of them. For removing ants, take borax and sugar in the equal parts and make a mixture. You can also mix borax with jelly or any sweet syrup. Once the bait is ready, place it at the ant-prone areas. In case of having small kids or pets in the home, be a little vigilant and put the bait out of their reach. Although borax is natural, it can still have toxic effects. So why take risk? Placing borax is one of the best ways of ant control Brisbane and can deliver you the desired results.

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

Herbs and Essential Oils

Herbs and essential oils can do wonder when it comes to ant control and removal. Certain herb and spices like cinnamon, chilli pepper, black pepper, mint, cloves and garlic can work as the great ant repellent. Sprinkle any of these spices in the ant-infested areas and other places where you spot ants. Also, do the same with your house foundation which is the main cause of ants entering the house. Also, you can place the bay leaves in cabinets, kitchen drawers, and even in containers to keep the ant problem at bay.

Besides spices, essential oils can also do the trick, they also work as a great ant repellent. Take some cotton balls and put a little amount (a few drops) of peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon oil. Then, put the balls in the ant infested areas. Once the scent of essential oil has worn off, repeat the process once again.

Coffee Grounds

For the coffee drinkers, it’s a good news. Instead of throwing used coffee grounds in the house garbage sprinkle them in the gardens and surrounding of the home. Ants naturally can’t bear the smell of the ground, which means they can be used as an ant repellent. This is one of the easiest and effortless ways of white ant control Brisbane.

White Ant Control Service

White Ant Control Service

Cucumber/Citrus Peels

Cucumber and citrus peels are the best ways to keep your home and surrounding free-from these little pesky pests. The reason behind it is that these products are toxic to the fungi ants feed on. Hence, ants avoid the places where these fruits are kept. If you want to rid your kitchen and bathroom from ant problem, then switch to cucumber or citrus-scented cleaners.

Hire the Professionals For Complete Ant Removal

If you are stuck in a busy schedule and do not get the time to try above-mentioned home-remedies, then calling the professionals is the right thing to do. And the team of our experts at Impressive Pest Control is ready to provide you with professional pest control Brisbane even on the same day of booking.  So, don’t wait anymore and get rid of pest issues by hiring us. We also offer pest inspection Brisbane services and let you know about infestation extent at your property.

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