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Moth Control Melbourne: Don’t Let Moths to Damage Your Property

Are you looking for the Moth removal team in Melbourne? Impressive Moth Control Melbourne, VIC provides the most reliable services for moth treatment at fair prices. We have experts who provide excellent service and take full guaranty of client satisfaction.

Moths are bugs that won’t directly hurt people. But, they can create destruction to stored food and cloth stuff like fur, fiber, and even leather. Moth is quite challenging to identify as the dark insides of cabinets, storerooms and wardrobes are the areas where they develop and grow. If you are neglecting a moth infestation for a long time considering it’s harmless, then you are totally wrong. Moths use their wings to spread disease at your food corners, making infection of food which can make you and your household infected.

    What is Moth?

    Moths are bugs that have dull coloring and are highly adaptive. They usually have a wingspan between 4mm to 30cm. There are four life stages of Moth: Egg, Caterpillar, Pupa, and Adult. Wings and body of the moth covered with scales that are dusty in appearance. At the same time, relaxing moths wrap or fold their wings around their body.

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    Common Types of Moths

    There are between twenty to thirty thousand different types of moths that are found in Australia and these types are further organized into around 80 families. The following are the main 4 types of moths that are found in Australia.

    Tropical Tobacco Moth

    Tropical Tobacco Moth

    This moth usually feeds on dry food like rice and grains. Its color is Brown. It is considered a very frustrating pest in Australia.

    European Grain moth

    European Grain Moth

    It loves to feed on grain and corn and hence called Corn Moth.

    Sweet potato

    Sweet Potato Leaf Miner

    It usually feeds on the plants and its scientific name is Bedelia somnulentella.

    Diamondback Moth

    Diamondback Moth

    These moths originated from Europe and are widely known as Cabbage Moth.

    Why is Moth Infestation Risky?

    There are some points given below, which will provide you with a brief idea about its infestation as well as behavioral activities:

    • Eating contaminated food can be dangerous for you. Moths use their feces for transmitting severe illnesses to humans.
    • Moths can destroy your favorite upholstery or clothes. It can be your favorite pair of dress or carpet.
    • Skin infection is the main reason why it is necessary to stay away from it. When it comes in contact with skin or clothing, moth’s allergens get activated and cause skin problems.
    • Moth infestation increases fast as you do not see its appearance because of small shape, size, or dull complexion.
    • The survival duration of Moths is pretty short; it is for about two weeks. In this period, it can destroy a lot of your property.
    • When they are in their caterpillar stage, the initiation of hairs can even lead to asthma attacks in some cases.

    Impressive Moth Control Melbourne professionals believe that routine cleanliness is the only way through which you can find its presence. These tiny pests are not easy to identify and work rapidly using their pair of wings. By spreading their infestation in remote areas, they can damage your favorite items.

    risk of moth infestation

    Prevention Tips for Moth Control

    • Clean up your wool or fur clothes after wearing them outside: It will stop moth eggs from sticking to your clothes and will also block moth infestation.
    • Wash and Air Dry your garments before storing them for long periods: It will eliminate the moth eggs automatically, and possibilities of moth infestation become negligible.
    • Same Day Service:- you will also get the service on the same day of booking. We are always available to you. Our team is also helpful.
    • While storing any belonging keep, it sealed in an airtight box: It will not allow the moth a place to hide and lay eggs.
    • Store your cloth in Dry Surroundings: Moth requires damp and humidity to survive, and in their absence moth can’t survive.
    Prevention Tips for Moth Control
    Moth Control Professionals Melbourne

    Our Moth Control Process:

    By using high-tech equipment, Impressive Moth Control Melbourne experts will target the regions which usually remain untouched during routine cleaning.

    The Steps We Use for Moth treatment:
    • Inspect the area for moth
    • Plan steps so that can trap the maximum amount of moth
    • Use the appropriate method to exterminate these type of insects
    • With proper treatment methods, we target breeding materials
    • Chemical control or sanitizer treatments are there to maintain indoor quality

    Why Hire Us for Moth Control Melbourne?

    We are here to manage moth infestations and help you get rid of them using our most efficient solutions like targeting the areas on which they feed like furniture, garments we try to examine the signs such as moths hair or dead bugs. For Moth exterminate Services in Melbourne, you can contact us.

    • Provide 24/7 emergency services for moth control.
    • To manage moth infestation, we make use of safe chemical products and proper sanitizers to prioritize the safety of kids and pets.
    • Same day moth treatment available.
    • Provide service of moth removal in all areas of Melbourne.
    • Our experts are fully qualified, certified, and experienced to treat moth.
    Why Call Us for Moth Control Melbourne
    Areas We Cover

    Areas We Cover for Moth Removal

    We cover all the big cities of Australia and their suburbs as well. Also provide top-notch quality service and also keep safety as the main priority. We are available on holidays as well and don’t charge extra fees for that.

    Moth Control Melbourne Available For Different Sectors

    Residential Moth Control Service

    Impressive Pest Control is here to make your home moth free using the advanced methods at affordable prices. We are available for 24*7 for the service and can also provide you service on the same day of booking with no extra cost.

    Commercial Moth Control Service

    Moth can create a mess in your office and can lead to disturbance to other employees and workers which breaks the workflow. To avoid these things, you need to take help from professionals so that every corner of your office is prevented from Moths.

    End of Lease for Moth Control Service

    Impressive Pest Control provides the End of Lease Control Services at reasonable pricing and provides full customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a lease of moth control service, you should definitely call us and get the full information regarding the service

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