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Interesting Facts you Should Know About Ants

Insects are tiny animals with jointed legs. Their body parts involve Head, Abdomen and thorax. Some insects can fly, and others are creepers. Bugs, Pests, worms or Ants are the well-known kinds of insects.  Ants are the most popular type of insects. They found in Kitchen, Bathrooms even in living rooms. They are called social animals due to the reason that they live in groups and colonies.

Ant Control Service
Ant Control Service

Facts About Ants.

Ants are of different types found all over the world in all kinds of places, either In mountainous areas or in deserts. Ant Control Services should be adopted to get rid of them. There are many interesting facts about ants. 

  • Number of Ants: –

    There are a lot of Ant in the whole world. Ants found everywhere their strength is numberless. They stay in open and hidden both areas. Therefore, it’s not possible to count them quickly. But through some research and surveys, the researchers found 10000 types of ants. They claim that there are more than 10000 types of Ants all over the world. 
  • Living Places: –

    Ants seen in every place either in homes or in a corporate office. There are two kinds of ants according to their living style. One of which lives under the soil, while the other one lives on substantial surface.No problem if the environment is warm or cold, they keep themselves active. 
  • The Hardest Worker Insect: –

    Ants are the most hardworking insect found by Residential Pest Control services agencies over the world. Ants walk-in queue. They are the most active pest. The store their food to be eaten before the rainy or winter season. They work hard and get their little food from the sources they found. 
  • Ants Can Swim: –

    Yes, it is true. It is unbelievable, but its reality as well. Ants float on water are seen usually, but their swimming feature is new to you. Some of the agencies which are Ant Control found that ants can swim in the pool. Some types of ants swim & float in water.
  • Ants Don’t have Ears: –

    Some of the animals, as well as insects, do not have ears. Such as Rat. Ants don’t have ears, but it does not mean that they are completely deaf. They can feel vibrations; therefore, we mostly found that when there is any vibration, Ants react to it and move away.
  • Ants Don’t have Lungs: –

    Yes, its actual ants do not have lungs then the question arises how they breathe? The answer to it is that ants breath through the little holes located on the different sides of their bodies called “Spiracles”. Ants breathe and take oxygen in through spiracles. 
  • Ants have Two Stomachs: –

    Unbelievable fact about ants is that ants have two stomachs.The small-sized creature has two stomachs yes it is. Their stomach’s functioning is different. One is to use for food storage, and the other one holds food to share between other companion ants. 
  • Millions of Ants Live in One Colony: –

    Ants mostly found in groups. There is one queen and other worker ants. Ants live in colonies .they are therefore found in more numbers because they work in groups and also stays in groups. Ants make colonies either underground or in walls. 
Professional Ant Control
Professional Ant Control

Call Professionals.

We provide Ant Control Services. Our staff, Professional Pest Control Melbourne. We use various tricks and materials to deal with pests and other insects. If you need to control pests, you can call us.

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