How to Remove Termites From Wooden Furniture?

Termites are one of the most irritating and destroying pests in common households. Especially when they find your wooden furniture. A full colony of termites consumes around 300gms wood per day which means if you have wooden furniture around 100kg, they will destroy it in just one year. So you should start thinking about removing them. In this blog, you will learn about how to remove termites from wooden furniture?

Remove Termites From Wooden Furniture

How Many Types of Wood Destroying Termites are There:

Commonly 3 types of termites are there in Australia:

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites:

    Eastern Subterranean Termites are so dangerous and destructive in nature but they rarely take over on furniture. This type of termites usually takes over on structured wood because they made their big colonies.
  • Drywood Termites:

    Drywood Termites loves to eat wooden furniture. If they find a way into your house, they will surely destroy your furniture. So you should be aware of them.
  • Dampwood Termites:

    These termites are less likely to destroy your furniture than Drywood Termites. Because they want a damp and humid climate to grow and dry wood furniture is not appropriate for them. 

How to Remove Termites?

Termite inside wood furniture makes it horrible and completely useless. If you don’t remove them, they will destroy all your wooden furniture one by one. Here are some natural home remedies which can be useful for removing termites from wooden furniture. 

  • Decrease Moisture:

    Decreasing moisture may lead to providing termites with an inappropriate environment for survival. Sudden environmental change can force the termites to either leave the furniture or die. To do this, put the infested furniture into the sunlight so that all the moisture will evaporate.
  • Orange Peel Oil:

    Orange Peel Oil is the best natural home remedy for removing termites. As it names, it can be extracted from Orange Peel. Just apply the oil on the whole furniture and all the termites will die in just a few hours. But remember one thing, Orange peel is flammable. 
  • Electronic Control:

    You can also use electronic termite control. The high voltage current (90,000 volts) goes into the wood and just does not kill them, make them disappear. It’s great but very dangerous too. Before killing termites this way, make sure you’re safe first. Don’t let yourself be in any electricity danger.  
  • Liquid Nitrogen:

    Liquid Nitrogen freeze on -200 degree celsius. Termites aren’t able to tolerate the temperature under -20 degree celsius. Just go to the market and buy liquid nitrogen and apply it on the whole furniture.

Take Professionals Help

As you know that termite removal can be very dangerous if it is not done perfectly. So it will be a better option to take a professional’s help. Impressive Pest Control Melbourne provides you with the best termite control services and pest control services.

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