How to Get Rid of Rats

What Are Rats?

Rats are found all over the world, but most of the rats are found in Australia. They are actually members of genus Rattus, they are also known as the mice due to their longer size, long legs, and thinner bodies. You can easily see the rodent droppings in your home. Near to the food pack, cupboard as well as near and under the sink dropping found. Where the rodents are feeding and nesting there the number of drops can be found. Now, the question arises that how we can get rid of a rat, so here we will study of rats.

The size of rats is not fixed, they come small to large size near about more than 60 species of it. The group is called a mischief. Eastern Australia is the kind of rat that is found in the Australian swamp. They have very strong teeth that can chew through glass, wire, aluminum, and lead. 

Type of Rats 

There are mainly two types of rats found in Australia.

 1. Black rats

 2. Brown rats

Black Rats 

The scientific name of the black name is Rattus rattus. Despite its name, it’s not in black color. Mainly it is found in the brown and grey color. The identity we can have is a black rat with a long head, large thin ears, a long tail, longer than the body and ears.

They mostly like to live in urban areas. They can also be seen on the roofs, walls, and around farms. They can also make nests with shredded materials. The black rat droppings are on average 9mm long and thin as being banana-shaped. 

The black rats can produce five to ten young per litter and can three to six litters a year. The period of gestation is about three weeks. It takes 12-16 weeks to reach sexual maturity from birth.

Black rat

Brown Rats

The scientific name of brown rats is Rattus norvegicus. They have medium ears and shorter tails than the body. They are grey and brown on top and white and grey at the bottom. They can also hear human voices. The brown rat is a very common pest which we can see in Australia. They are treated as unwelcome rats because they spread urine and feces. 

Brown rats make shelter under the bushes in urban sites and can be very close to humans. It’s the normal rate which we can find all around us. They can be 40 cm large in length. 

The main difference with the help of we can understand the difference between brown rats and black rats is that the black rats are large in size. It can be said that the body to the tail of the black rats is more lengthy to its body and on the other hand the brown rats have a less lengthy tail to its body. Black rats also have blunt noses and have small ears and thicker bodies as compared to brown rats.

Brown Rat

Life Cycle Of Rats

The maturation period of the rat is a very short period. This period can be the maturation of 3  weeks. At one time they are able to birth 5-6 babies. 

Black rats and brown rats of the male category are able to sexually mature at the eight to twelve weeks of age. Black and brown rats both become sexually mature and able to mate at 8 to 12 weeks of age.

Life cycle of RAT

Mice can give birth as twenty-five days after the first litter, but female mice can be heated and become pregnant in 25-50 hours after giving birth. The standard life of the rat is about one year. Indoor rats can live for two to three years. 

Sign of Rat Infestation

Where there are rats there is also some small rat hole. Outside of that rat, you can also see some small pieces of fabric, paper, and newspaper. You can also hear the voice when they fight in that hole or cave. The following are some more signs of rat infestation.

Rodent Droppings

You can easily see the rodent droppings in your home. Droppings are mostly found near to food, cupboards, as well as near and under the sink. Where the rodents are feeding and nesting there the number of drops can be found. 

Gnaw Marks

An opposite of droppings, gnaw marks also are light in color and that becomes darker as the time grows up. These might be found near or on the food packaging or as well as the near to pet food. You can notice it with the comparison of the same type of new thing. If there are now marks as well there are also rats.  


Where there are rats there are always footprints of rats. They have very small feet and you can easily see that footprint on the kitchen table. If they go from the sink into the cave then the footprint with water you can easily see. The speed of running rats is very high. 

Foul Odor

Where rodents are present there are also active rats and dogs. They also smell very bad. They try to make the hole near to where they can easily get the food item but you will be noticed that where the rat and its hole there is always a very bad smell as well as a foul odor. You should also close the area where the smell is ongoing. 


Rodents use materials like fabric, shredded paper, and plant matter to make their nest. If any area you found where the fresh dropping, odor, and tracks there still an infestation in your home. 

Causes of Rats Infestation

Rats can create many problems for humans. The most popular foods are clothes, paper, and the roots of plants. There are some common causes in which rats can be an infestation and how we can get rid of rats?

Comfort and Warmth 

Rats enter into the home there are some reasons that are food, water, and shelter. Rats can also gnaw wood and wires, and waste food into the home. They can also gnaw on shoes and newspapers.  So where they feel that place is comfortable for them we will shortly live there.

Where Food is Obtainable

Where they get the food they change their space and they change places from time to time. They can eat meat, veggies, and leather also. The garbage is also attached to the rats. It can be said that where there is food for them they shift their place very easily. They are also very expert in caves. 

Indoor Plants 

If your home has plants like nuts then there is a very big change that the rats will come to your home also. They take the food from those plants and also have the capacity to destroy the plants. So it’s a cause of inviting the rats.

If your Neighborhood Has Rats

The chances of the rat get very high if there are rats around you. They easily come from there and neighborhood rats are also difficult to control. We can control only rats that are in our home. To get rid of this cause we should take care of the door, window and should also close all the cracks around your home.

Lawn Upkeep

When you have a lawn but still you do not take care of that because they can easily destroy the lawn also. The proper maintenance of the lawn is very necessary and it should also be clean from time to time so that the chance of the rat can be decreased. 

So these are the reasons the rats come into the home so that there are some methods also with the help of we can solve the problem of rats. 

Prevention Tips To Get Rid of Rat Infestation

There is less chance to see the rat but still, we can see the sign of rats. Now there is a very big problem: how to get rid of rats. Finding the place of the rat is very necessary so we can control it. We all know that the rats are very harmful to humans, they have the capacity to destroy our daily use and also can grow our clothes and shoes.  The following are some methods with the help of we can understand how we can get rid of the rats.

Replace or Repair Damaged

You should also check your building from time to time and it should be clean as well. There is a very big chance with the cracked areas that the rat came into your home. So you should always replace or repair the damaged areas from time to time. They are very talented at growing things so be careful of them. 

Clean the Sink and Moisture-free 

You should always clean your kitchen, especially the sink areas. There should always be dryness because if there will be dirt then the rat will come again and again for the food. So it should be very clean. You can use the phenyl into the sinks for the better result.  As the dryness increases, the chance of the rats will be less. 

Repair all Leaky Pipes

You should ensure that all the taps and pipes are in good condition. If there is some difference in that then you should always repair them from time to time. Maintenance for them is very necessary. You can hire a good plumber for this who checks your pipes from time to time.

Do not Leave Pet Food Overnight

That is a big issue that we keep the pet food outside over the night. We should keep that into the plastic container box. If that is in an open area then the rat will come easily because they can eat other pet food also. So it should always be in the air container box so that the air also does not pass from it,  then it will be safer. 

The best way to get rid of rats is the DIY tips, as these tips are very cheap and we can easily solve the problem of a rat with this,

Effective DIY Tips to Get Rid of Rats

Home and gardens are the favorite places of the rats for life. That size of the garden and home does not matter. The rat can destroy the food and wood both when they feel hunger. But with the help of the DIY tips, you can easily control the rats into the home and anywhere you want to be. The following are some important tips to control rodents. 

Diy methods to get rid of rats

# Peppermint Oil

Rats Don’t like the smell of peppermint. Prepare the cotton balls with peppermint oil and put that into the place where the rat hole. After a few days, you will notice that there is no rat in the hole.

# Instant potatoes

Rats also hate the potato smell. You should sprinkle the potato powder around the hole of the rat, when they come near that powder they smell that powder and will not come again to that place. 

# Onions

You can also take the help of onions. As rats also do not like the smell of onions. As onions have a pungent smell. This home remedy will not help you very quickly but take some time and this will show you the result. You should replace the onion every second day for the new fresh.

# Garlic

Garlic will help you the same as the medicine of the rat rod. Use the one or two pieces of garlic and put them into the hole of rats. After some days you will notice the rats are not there, because they also hate garlic smell. 

# Clove Oil

Put three to four drops of clove oil with the help of cotton. You have to put clove oil on cotton and put that cotton ball into the hole of rats. After some days you will notice that there are no more rats.

# Ammonia

If you are still tied up with the rat you should also try to ammonia for the better result. Rats are enemies of the ammonia. They hate the smell which comes from ammonia. So spray the ammonia with water then you will get the better result. 

Best Solution to Get Rid of Rats

There are so many ways to get rid of the rats. You can take the help of a professional and as well as you can do it at your home also. You can try the following method at home to get rid of them. 

Best Solution Get Rid of Rats

Cut all Waste Tree Around Home

If there are waste plants around your home and also inside of your home you should cut them. The rats make the cave into the plant’s roots so we can get relief from rats. So the best way to get relief is that you should cut down all unnecessary plants. 

Clean your Bin Daily

You should also clean your bin daily. As the rats come into the bin for the food they spread all the garbage also. The bin should be neat and clean for the batter result you should wash your bin daily and should try to cover with the lid. 


You should rubbish pipes and refuse all the unnecessary things. All garbage containers should be tightly covered.  Where there is dust there will always be the rats. You should sanitation around you. You should also take care if there are any pests in your home, then clean that area from time to time where they live.

Seal all Unused Shoes and Clothes

If you have so many pairs of shoes and you have not used that then you should be sealed into plastic bags. You can also apply for extra clothes also. You should always try to ensure that your unnecessary cloth and shoe should always pack in the proper manner, no space of rat should be in your packing. 

Seal all Cracks and Holes

If there is any hole into the wall and from where the rats can be entered then you should try to close that area. The rat can come into your home from very small areas. But after some time they easily can increase that area into a big cave. you will also find the solution that how we get rid of rats.

Baiting and Trapping

You can also take the help of poisons to kill the rats. When they feel hunger then they eat poisons and after some time they will die automatically. Firstly we should use another way to get rid of the rats but in the end if that does not work then only take the help of baiting or trapping.

Keep Dogs and Other Pet Food In Containers 

If there are dogs and other pets in your home then you should try to keep their food into a sealed and plastic container so that the rat can not research those places. The rat can also eat other pet food. They also gnaw all the useful material. So should keep away from them all the food which they can gnaw. 

Take Help From Rat Controller

At the end of the use of everything into the home, and you really tired up with the rats, the best way to control the rat is professional help. You can also take the help of impressive pest control in Brisbane. We have a very talented and well-educated team to control the rats. We use all the products safe and eco- friendly. We provide service 24*7, also our service is the same day as the booking. you can contact us anytime.

Professionals to get rid of rats


Rats are a very big problem in the world. They have very sharp teeth with which they can grow everything like shoes, cloth, wood. They are also very harmful to humans. We should take action as soon as possible when we see it around us. Firstly we can try the home remedies to get rid but if we do not get free then, in the end, we can take the help of impressive pest control because we are very expert in this profession. In a very short time, we can get rid of the rats. 

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