How To Get Rid Of Possum

➤ What Are Possums

The official name of the possum is Phalangeriformes. This is a type of marsupial which native to Australasia. Possums alongside kangaroos and koalas are notorious Australian fauna. Another Aussie symbol, Dame Edna Everage, affectionately utilized the expression “Hello possums!” in her stage and TV appears. Australians have consistently lived close by these little nighttime marsupials profiting by their satiny hide and calfskin. In 1837 possums were acquainted with New Zealand to build up a hidden exchange. Lamentably, without any predators and a lot of edible vegetation, possums have become such an issue in New Zealand that The National Possum Control Agencies were made in the mid-1990s to control the issue. We will study in this blog how to get rid of Possum. 

How to get rid of possum

➤ Types of Possum In Australia

Australia has many types of possum but mostly are found in the local area. The color and size of the possum depended on the location.

✓ The Common Brushtail Possum

The Common Brushtail possum belongs to the phalangeridae family. It is the 2nd largest possum which can be seen in Australia. It is mainly seen in the rooftops in the urban areas. The color of this possum depends on its habitat, It can be silver, gold to black. The weight of an adult can be 1.5 -4kg. The length of the body can be 35-55 cm and tail length is 25-44 cm. They live in urban areas, forests and woodlands, and health. 

✓ The Common Ringtail possum

The common ringtail possum can live in very different habitats. They also eat vegetables, fruit, and flowers. The favorite place to live such a type of possum is on the trees and rarely found on the ground. This type of possum is usually sociable and so that they are families to live. The name of this possum is ringtail possum due to its name prehensile tail. 

types of possum

✓ Short-Eared Possum

The short-eared possum has short round ears, also has strong claws and black bushy tail. The dorsal fur is dark grey and belly fur and throat are white, cream, and pale grey also entire black individuals can be found in some areas.  They like to live in the forest and rainforest. They are also found in the edges of the river. 

✓ Greater Glider Possum

The body of the greater glider is long and shaggy, the color of the greater glider body is dark brown to light grey above, white and grey underneath. It has a longer tail and the combined head and body length. The body of this type of possum is 45cm and tail up to 60cm.

✓ Sugar Glider Possum

The length of the sugar glider is 16-21 cm. It can be seen all over Australia. The sound of the sugar glider is like a small dog, they are also popular in the legal pet trade. The color of the sugar glider is grey to cream. The tail of the sugar glider is 21 cm. They are mainly found in the group, and also live near about four to nine years in the wild, which all depend on the seasons, food, and shelter. It is also a good feature that they can voice on different occasions.

✓ Yellow-bellied Glider Possum

The weight of an adult can be 450-700 grams, the body length of about 30 cm also has a large bushy tail. It also has brown fur on the taupe and cream and yellow on the belly. They can travel one kilometer between the den and feed trees. They eat mostly nectar, pollen and they also can feed on insects, grubs and small vegetables

✓ Feathertail Glider Possum

The tail of such a type of possum is 7-8 cm and shaped like a feather on a bird. The weight of it can be 10-15g, so this ting glider is mainly missed when in trouble. The fur is grey and brown above with light cream to white. The body surface is increased and with long hair along the edges. The home of such possums is on the tree and they feed on insects, pollen. They mainly glide for 14 m but can glide up to 27 m. They have also quality glide up to five times an hour. 

✓ Eastern Pygmy Possum

These are mainly seen in southeastern Australia. The weight of this is less than 45 grams and they grow just 10 cm in length. It has large round ears and short snout. The fur of its grey-brown in the above and whitish underpart. The feed of the eastern pygmy possum is flowers and also they like to live in the wet forests. It is in the dull grey color.

They are mainly polygynous which means that a single male gets exclusive mating with multiple females.

➤ Life Cycle Of Possum 

  1. The breeding season is almost one year such as January to November.
  2. They usually give birth to six to nine pups.
  3. They are born after 12 days of breeding, but the opossum’s pups crawl into the mother’s pouch to develop.
  4. The outside maternal pouch is 60 -70 days old and fully leaves within 80-90 days.
  5. Three to four-month they remain with their mother.
  6. The average lifespan ranges from one to two years.

➤ Sign of Possum Infestation

The possum is very harmful to our house, building and as well as a garden. They can grow like rats, such as fiber, wood and also they grow our fruits and vegetables. The following are some signs that we can understand that we are possum infestation.

sign of possum infestation

✓ Disappearing Food

The first thing you can notice is the other pet food disappearing. Possums are very expert at finding the food and if once they find the pet food they come again and again to the same place. They love the stuff and can chow down quite a bit of the feed in a single sitting either it is a young possum or old ones.

✓ Damage to Home Exterior

They love to climb. They are exceptional at it. You may see the damage to your siding, roof, and shingles as well as gutters. They are heavier than they show and they climb very well.

✓ Animal Noises

Possums can make quite a few noises, you can listen to the voice of it in a peaceful place. The noise of it was some of the small dog noise. If you hear the noise that you can make by drawing air between the inside of your cheek and your teeth. 

✓ The smell

They also have a natural smell that is fairly unpleasant. The urine of the possum has a downright disgusting smell. It is strong like the male cat spraying. There is also a very dirty smell where the possum lives. They can also undoubtedly seep into the wood and other areas of the home.

➤ Best Solutions to Remove Possum

Possum is very fast in running, and it’s not easy to catch them. Australia also is not allowed to kill the possum if anyone notices that he is killing the possum then the legal action can be taken. You can do one thing, you can catch them and can see off into the forest. The following are some ways with the help of you can get how to get rid of the possum.

✓ Trapping 


First of all, you have to find out the possum is on your roof. They may maybe under the eaves and perhaps close to a tree. Once you have found it, you have to monitor it. You have to need a trap for the trapping. It can be made of iron, glass, and wood. Put into that a piece of bread, or a piece of fruit and now wait for the possum to come. One he will see the food then he will come for it and when he will try to break it the trap will be automatically shouted down. 

✓ Fencing


Fencing is also a modern way to get rid of the possum. They can not jump too high so that if we fence our boundary they will be unable to come into your home. It is also a cheap way to get rid of the possum from your place. With the help of fencing, you not only get rid of the possum as well as you will also know how to get rid of the other pests.

✓ Repellents


Nowadays there are some chemicals in the market that can be used to get rid of the possum. There are many types of powder also available in the market. These are the combination of various ingredients which help us in this, also there is a various brand which helps you to get rid of the possum, you should make sure that what you are using should be eco-friendly.

✓ Trim Branches

 Trim Branches

Branches are looking beautiful and also they provide shades. You should also take care of it if you get rid of the possum. You can simply trim them as the possum can make the cave into this. Same as the rat, the possum is also very sharp in gnaw. 

✓ Block all Hole in the Roof

Block all Hole in the Roof

Possum can enter from anywhere into your home. The best idea is that you can block all the holes into the roof so that they are unable to come into your home. Possum can enter from anywhere in your home, there is only a single hole is enough for the possum to enter your home. you can do one thing, seal all the hole of your home to get rid of the possum, and you know how to get rid of possum

✓ Remove Food Source

Remove Food Source

You should remove all the food sources from your garden. The other pest food also such be indoor so that the possum is unable to enter into the home. If the food will be outside the possum will be easily entering from outside into your home. So take care of the food sources also you should keep the food into the containers.

✓ Demolish Shelters

Demolish Shelters

Demolish Shelters is also a very good technique to get rid of the possum. You should keep clean all the place of wood and always take care of it. Is there any extra wood and iron and if there is then you should keep them at that place where possums are unable to reach.

➤ Homemade Natural Possum Repellent

We have so many things at home which can help us to keep the possum away from our place. Here are some DIY tips which can help us very effectively. they all help you to understand that how to get rid of possum

✓ Use Cat or Dog Hair

Cats and dogs are also very helpful to get rid of the possum. Collect the hair of the cat or dog, put it into the bag, and keep it near to the cave of the possum. The smell of the hair will help you to keep away from the possum from your place.

✓ Use Mothballs

Diy tips for remove possum

Mothballs are made up of chemicals and that chemical helps us to keep the possum away. Put these balls into the cave of possum or the place of possum where you see it and you will notice that there are no more possums at that place. While you are using these balls you should take care of the child because it can be harmful to the child.

✓ Use Spice

Spices are used for our food but side by side it’s used for our other use at home. Same as you can take the help of the chili powder and put it in the place of the possum, even you can make the paste of it. Add some powder into the water like 100 g powder add into the 2L of water and also you can add some detergent, spray it well. You will find out the result.

✓ Ammonia as a Deterrent

It is a very good way to remove a possum from the garden and house as it smells horrible. Possum is a night time animal that does not like the lights and the smell of them makes them obnoxious. 

✓ Molasses

You can take the help of molasses. It is a very cheap way to get rid of the possum from your place. Mix some molasses into the water and you can also add some washing powder and spray it into your garden. You should also apply for it at the time of raining. 

✓ Sprinkle Method

Possums are night animals and till we do not find the place of it where it can be then how do you get rid of the possum. So use ammonia for it, place it on the floor and the smell of its will help you to get rid of possum. You can also take the help of flour, place the flour into the floor and if there will be the possum then the footprint of it will be there. 

➤ Take the Help Of Professionals

If you are tired of possums then you can take the help of professionals. Impressive pest control also provides the service to get rid of possum. All the cleaners are well trained, qualified, and experienced. We also use eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our aim is to provide the best service to the customer. Contact us any time we provide service 24*7.

Professional help

➤ Conclusion

Possums are a very big problem in Australia. They gnaw our important things like begs, clothes, shoes as well as wood things, you should take the help of impressive pest control to get rid of the possum. There are also some home remedies with the help of you can remove the possum from your place. There are also some cheap ways which you can apply but in the end, if you are still unable to get rid of them, you should take the help of professionals.

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