How to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards are one of nature’s creations, created to make the balance. They prey upon small insects, cockroaches and mosquitoes. Lizards are reptiles so they crawl, but unlike other reptiles, they can climb a wall or any other tall standing structure. Their DNA allows them to regrow their tail, which makes them the ultimate creature. But, because of their scary body, they make people go crazy. Even there is a fake lizards market, to scare people for fun. From this, you can have an idea, how lizards are undergoing a trademark of universal disapproval. However, you’re here to find out, how can you get rid of them. So, in this article, you’ll find simple ways to get rid of lizards without killing them.

Get Rid Of Lizards At Home

Using Coffee Powder and Tobacco

This method is effective to get rid of lizards. Mix coffee powder and tobacco and make small balls of it. Place these balls where lizards hide or show up. Lizards will try to eat it, either they’ll die or go away from the smell.

Using Garlic

Garlic is also one of the ingredients which lizards don’t like. Hang garlic cloves where lizards come, they’ll stop coming.

Using Onion

Onion contains sulfur, which smells sharp. Try hanging onion where lizards bother you, lizard won’t come there again.

Using Pepper Spray

Not commercial red pepper spray but more of a homemade spray made of water and black pepper. Add black pepper powder in water and spray over lizard prone area. Lizards don’t like the smell of it, so they’ll go away.

Using Naphthalene Balls

From all the above, you would have understood that lizards have a good nose. They cannot tolerate odd smells. Naphthalenes balls also create an odd smell, which can make lizards go away. Try hanging them too, where you encounter lizards often.

These are proven effective measures to make lizards go way softly. If you want to go hard on them, you can hire pest control professionals. They’ll use their own method to deal with them. Keep clean your house. A dirty house may invite other insects, such as cockroaches, flies, etc. Because of flies and cockroaches, lizards take shelter in your house.

Lizards Pest Control Western Australia

Seek Professional Help From Getting Rid of Lizards

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