How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

What Are Cockroaches?

There are around 4000 types of cockroaches in the world but 450 of them we can easily see in Australia. The cockroaches can spoil everything: food items, clothes, books, and fabric also. Cockroaches are normally nocturnal. The pheromone is the way with the help of they can communicate. The cockroaches are mainly found in brown and some yellow color. Now everyone wants to solution to how we can get rid of cockroaches.

They also live in the group and darkness, humidity and warmth attach to them so that they mainly live in the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms as well. There are different types of cockroaches in the world. They also have three stages of its life cycle. 

Type Of Cockroaches

There are numerous types of cockroaches in the world. There are the following types which are found in Australia very easily. 

1. German Cockroach

The most common is German cockroach which is small in size with a light brown color. They are 12-15 mm long when they become a fully adult cockroach. They can also use wings that may be beyond the abdomen but still, they can not fly. They can grow up 3-4 generations in a year. They take forty-day to become an adult. 

German cockroaches can be spread from one place to another very easily for food and drink. Some individuals can establish a huge amount of cockroaches in a small period of time. 

2. American Cockroach

Their length can be thirty-five to forty mm reddish-brown with yellow color around the upper part of the legs. The male and female both have wings but the female can fly more as compared to male cockroaches. They can also fly but in only warm conditions.

Females can produce up to fifty to fifty-five large egg capsules in their lifetime, each can contain ten to fifteen eggs. American cockroaches live mostly in warm and dark locations. Instead of living in the house, they prefer to live on the roof and rubbish area.

3. Australian Cockroach

The Australian cockroaches are in dark brown color with 35 mm length. They have yellow marks on the upper part of it. A female cockroach can have 20 egg cases each containing 24 eggs. An adult can live 4-8 months. They are mostly found in the warm area but very easily can be found in the greenhouse, around trees, and under the bark of leaves. They can also come in the house and can eat clothes and books. But they are mostly found in outdoor areas. 

4. Smoky Brown Cockroach

They are in dark brown-black color and cover with fully winged 30 mm. An adult can live 6-12 months and this time duration they can produce 17 egg cases. The smoky brown prefers the food of plant organs so that they can be easily found outside. They can also fly but only in a short distance. Also, they prefer to fly in warm weather. They are easily attached to the light in the night. 

The young can become adults in 10-12 months. They can easily fly from a tree home. They are mostly found with the rooflines. They avoid the area which is dry. 

5. Brown Banded Cockroach

They are very small in size and only 10-15 mm contain glossy brown color. The male can extend wings but the female can not properly. Females can produce up to 14 eggs which can contain reddish-brown color. Each can contain 18 eggs. They take only 3-6 month to become an adult. 

They are mostly found in dwellings in furniture. Also in the southern states, but can be found in warm places. They can be found only in door-like buildings, mostly in high areas as the backside of the photo frame.

6. Oriental Cockroach 

They are medium in size 20-25 mm with brown to black color. Females can not fly more as compared to males. As females, we also have small wings. The female can produce up to fourteen egg cases. Each of them has up to sixteen eggs. Development can take six to eighteen months and adults can live three to six months. 

These types of cockroaches mainly like homes with plenty of dark, damp, and also sheltered areas development. They can mostly travel from one place to another.

Life Cycle Of Cockroaches

★ Egg

The life of cockroaches starts with the egg. The pests lay cases of 10-40 eggs in warm and secluded spots of home and business. You can check its capsules

✔ In bathroom, pantries, and storerooms

✔ Under beds, stoves, and sinks

✔  The gap between the walls and under furniture

It can take about 1 – 2 months to hatch, though the egg stage can last from 15-100 days, it depends on the climate. The higher temperature helps to quicker pest development.

★ Nymph

The Nymphal is the second stage of the cockroach’s life cycle. Nymphs undergo different molts, growing each time with their skins and shed. As they emerge from old shells white bodies that hide and change color brown or gray. They will reach full adult size with their last molt. It takes 1 – 3 months for phase.


The final stage is adult as eggs come to nymphs and then it becomes adult. The adults have 1-½ to 3 inches long and three pairs of legs with two pairs of wings. They also have a brown color.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

We normally see that there are so many pests around us but cockroaches are the most common problem that we bear at home. It should be known how they enter into our home and that can be the reason for our family problem also. Cockroaches are very resilient pests. Once they enter the home then it is very difficult to get a ride with them.  There can be so many reasons and causes of it. 

Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Cockroaches are found in dirty places so if there is no clean into your home the chance of the cockroach can be increased because we very well know that they like to live in dirty homes. The main and big reason that we can see dirty sinks in the kitchen is that in the sink there is also water and cockroaches can not live without reason. 

The cockroaches have the capacity to live without food for months but they can not live without water. So we should always clean the sink and always try to dry. 

Poor Seal of Door and Window 

The main entrance of the cockroaches is door and window and if the door and window do not have good seals then they can be easily entered. So you should check the door and window every week and if it has a problem you should repair it as soon as possible. So that the problem of cockroaches can be easily controlled. 

Cracks in the Walls

If there are any kind of holes in your home then it’s a big chance that there will also be cockroaches in your home. It comes faster from walls as compared to windows or doors because we close the door and window at night but we do not take care of the wall hole. So we should take care of our home’s walls from time to time and see of any kind of repair can be done to avoid the roaches from entering our residence.

Ineffective Storage of Food

The place where you keep your food if that is not neat and clean then the chance of the cockroaches can be increased. You should always keep your food in a container where the cockroaches can not enter. Also, you should check up your food from time to time if you are not using that food on a regular basis. There should always be a proper place for food where the cockroaches can not reach and that place should be on height. 

If your Neighbors Have Cockroaches

Where you are living if there is a neighbor then there is a very high chance that they will also come to your home though with a door and window. They can enter very easily through any hole with you and your neighbor’s wall.  In this case, you should seal up your wall and check on a weekly basis that there is any hole in your wall or not

So there are many causes and we need to get rid of them. Here we have some methods with the help of we can get rid of cockroaches.

Method’s for Cockroaches Control

There are so many ways to cockroaches control. You can be easily controlled at home as well as you can take the help of a professional. Also can get the answer to how we can get rid of cockroaches. If you want to get effective results you should take the help of professionals cockroach removal exterminators

1. Seal all Cracks and Holes

 It does not matter how many times you clean your home, cockroaches can come from any small hole. so that first of all you should seal all cracks and holes so that cockroaches can not enter from any single hole.

With the help of a caulking gun, you can easily seal all cracks and holes yourself at home. If you are living in an apartment you can see very easily rather than a home.

2. Stop Water Leakage

The cockroaches have the capacity to live without food for up to a month but they can not live without water. So if there will be no water for them then they can be easily killed. We should stop the leakage of water so that we can easily get control of cockroaches.

We can also wipe down the shower and tub after using it. We should also dry the kitchen sink, and all dishcloth should dry.

3. Use Vacuum Cleaning Machine

You should always use a vacuum cleaning machine to remove waste food from floors as well as the kitchen. Without the use of a vacuum machine the part of food still can be on the floor and kitchen for the cockroaches. For the finding of food, they usually come into the outside and when they get the food they come again and again. 

So if we clean properly there will be less chance for the cockroaches to stay outside and will not live for a long time without food. It’s a very good way to clean your home every day with a vacuum. 

4. Clean the Garbage Bin

Every home should be an outside rubbish bin with a strong lid, with the help of the cockroaches that can not enter into the bin. The cockroaches are mostly entered into the open bin, you should clean the bin every day so that there will be no space for that into the home. 

They also have a habit to spread the garbage from one place to another place, so for control of that habit you should take care of your bin and your bin should also be neat and clean.  The best for this is that you should put the bin in a deep ground so that smell should also be controlled.

5. Use Baking Soda

With the use of baking, you can easily control the cockroaches at home. It is the most multi-functional product that we use in our daily life. The method of use is to mix the baking soda with sugar and spread all over where you see the cockroaches.  The smell of it will help you to bring out the cockroaches. Also, you can spread the small pieces of soda sugar when they eat it and go water then the reaction with water will affect it. 

6. Can Call to Terminators

The cockroaches can be harmful to both adults as well as children. Also, you can also take the help of the professional. They are very perfect to provide the rid of the cockroaches. First of all, we should clean up all the pantry and cutlery and still not get rid then only take the help of terminators.

Best Home Remedies for Controlling the Cockroaches

Cockroaches prefer organic food like sweets, starches, meat as well as leaves, paper, and wood. The best way to keep your home away from cockroaches is to keep your food away from them, as when they do not find the food they will go away from your home easily. how we can get rid of cockroaches is a major problem in the whole world. The following Diy tips you can follow to keep away your home cockroaches free

  1. Always keep clean your home so that the cockroaches can not find food in your home and they will die.
  2. Clean your kitchen and mats with a vacuum cleaner so that all dust can be removed very easily. 
  3. Wipe your sink daily after washing and make sure your sink should be dry.
  4. You should be sure that all the food is kept in sealed containers and should keep containers where the cockroaches should not reach.
  5. You can also use the baking soda for the cockroaches, as spread baking soda where you see the cockroaches and they will go away from that place.
  6. Seal all cracks and heals where the cockroaches can be entered into the home from outside. 
  7. Close your door and window at night.
  8. After the use of tea bags don’t put it in a pin, use that begs for cockroaches. Put the bags into the place where the cockroaches are and do this on a daily basis. You will get the result very soon. 
  9. You can also use mosquito spray where you find the cockroaches.
  10. You can also use boric acid, spray this acid all the places where you see the cockroaches and you will get the result within a few days.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The cockroaches can be found very easily at the home, bathroom, apartment’s as well as offices also. Unfortunately, they can also move from one place to another very easily. They can live month to year and female cockroaches can produce so many eggs in a short time and that is the main reason once the cockroaches enter they grow up so fastly into the home. Where there is a problem there is a solution also so here is some way that with the help of we can get rid of cockroaches very easily. 

Clean your home decently

You should deep clean your home at least twice a week. It’s a very easy way to keep cockroaches far from your home. You should always keep clean your dishes, and sink immediately using them. You should also keep cleaning your garbage bin on a daily basis. Also, you should take care of the floor for that you should keep mop on a daily basis. Seal all the food containers. So with the help of this, you can get rid very easily from cockroaches. 

Not Feed the Cockroaches 

If you have a pet dog and cat with you then you are indirectly inviting the cockroaches also. Because where they live there is always the spread of their food and the cockroaches always attached to that kind of food. So you should always use a dog dispenser and remove all the waste food from there. 

Solve your Plumbing Issue

You should also solve where there’s any problem with any tap and if you have any plumbing issues. As if there will be moisture there will always be a chance of cockroaches as well. It’s also a good way to regularly clean your faucets, and appliances as well as sink at home. Also, you should make sure that there is no type of moisture. 

Clean Cardboard Boxes

Cockroaches like to live in cardboard and the place where there is a newspaper, so you should keep clean your please where you keep newspaper and so should clean the cardboard so that the chance of the cockroaches can be very less in your home. 

Liquid Concentrates

Liquid concentrates is one type of solution with the help of you can easily remove the cockroaches from your home liquid Concentrates.  Spray this solution once in your home and you will easily get rid of the cockroaches. This is a very good and cheap way to get rid of the cockroaches. 

Why Call Cockroaches Terminators ?

As cockroaches are a big problem in the world, its prevention can only get so away. The truth is that it’s commonly found in your home and apartments. But also we can control it with the help of professionals. When there are many things you use at your home, in the end, taking the help of professionals is the best solution. Impressive Pest Control also provides a very good pest control service in Brisbane. Our controller delivered effective and affordable cockroaches removable service. We use the most advanced and best bugs controlling solutions that are eco-friendly and safe. Our aim is to provide you with a cockroaches free environment. Hire our trained, certified, and experienced bugs eliminating team. With contact us you can also find the answer to that how we can get rid of cockroaches.


Cockroaches are very dangerous to health. There is no fixed place for cockroaches where we can find them. There are so many ways to get rid of them. But if you tie-up with them you should take the help of professionals to fix the solution. There are so many DIY tips to prevent cockroaches or you can also get help from cockroach control exterminators. Impressive pest control in Brisbane provides the best solution. We also provide the same day service and their service is available into 24*7. 

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