How To Get Rid of Bed Bug

What is a Bed Bug?

Bed Bugs are the small insects that feed human blood. They are also very mobile but they still move within a small distance for food. They are frequently found near to the food sources. The life of Bed Bugs can be up to six months at room temperature and they have the capacity to live without food for a long period of time. Nowadays it’s everyone’s problem that how to get rid of Bed Bugs.

They mostly feed in the night. The main structure of the bug bugs can be oval-shaped and flat. They can grow up to 5 mm long, and they change their color cream to brown. 

How to get rid of bed bugs

Characteristics Of Bed Bugs

  • ✓ They are wingless
  • ✓ They are about 0.5 mm in length
  • ✓ They are oval and flat in shape
  • ✓ They are light brown in color
  • ✓ They are squat headed
  • ✓ They have large antennae
  • ✓ They have large mandibles
  • ✓ They can live for the months without food
  • ✓ They die in extreme temperatures.

Types of Bed Bugs

It is not necessary that bedbugs find the same color and size all over the world. The shape and its color are different all over the world. The following are the main types found in Australia.

Cimex Lectularius

This is a common type of Bedbug. The size of such types of bedbugs is about 4 to 6 mm in length. When they bite your skin can get unusual redness. Such types of male bed bugs can mate more than one female more than in a single day. Eggs of such types of bedbugs are asymmetrical in shape with pink eyespots.

Tropical Bed Bugs

These are also known as Cimex Hemipterus bed bugs. It’s also related to the common type of bedbugs. These types of bed bugs are found in tropical areas of the world like Asia but still, there is not known about this species. When type bite then the itching and irritability is its main affection. 

Barn Swallow Bugs

These types of bedbugs are similar to other bed bugs; the only difference is their hair. Barn swallow bugs are seen near the nest of swallowed birds. Because of the movement of the birds they can also breathe in our home. They can live a number of days without food.

Bat Bugs

They are also known as Cimex Adjuncts bugs. These types of bed bugs are very small in size. The different types of bed bugs only can be seen with the help of a microscope. If people don’t prefer bats then they eagerly bite people.

Mexican chicken

The other name of these bedbugs is Haematosiphon bugs. This type of bugs like the birds and they also like the hen. They belong to the family of insects which is called Cimicidae.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bugs are increasing very fastly in Australia. We are not able to understand the exact reason why it’s increasing day by day. They are active when people sleep and they bite the people. The following are some signs of Bed Bugs Infestation. 

Clusters of Bites 

The first sign of its infestation can be the presence of bites on any family members. They can be on your bed, mattress, and near to blood source. They are very hard to see because of their size. You can face the darker red spot and can feel itching. They are normally located on the face, neck, arms, and hands. 

Red, Itchy Spots

There are different reactions to its bites, it depends on the number of factors. On the other hand, some people have no reaction to it but some can become red and intensely itchy. The infection can be well within a night and also can take the 9 to 14 days. 

Small blood Spots on Sheets

You can feel discomfort and can also lose sleep from it. Bites can be found in a variety of places on the body. They can enter your home with luggage, cloth and any other item which you bring in your home.

Tiny Dark Spots of Fecal Matter

There are also spots on the mattresses, bedding, as well as carpet. Their initial places are hiding mattresses, box springs, headboards, and bed frames also.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

The bed bugs can come anyway in your home, you should adopt calmness to get rid of it and can take care of such types of pests. 


When traveling from one place to another place then make sure and check your hotel room from Bed Bugs. They can ride with clothes, shoes as well as luggage. You should also check out your bags before checking out your room. 

When you come back home then wash all the clothes, the begs should also wash it out or can use a vacuum cleaner. If you do not vacuum your carpets, drapes, mats, and skirting boards then the chance of bed bugs gets higher.

Second Hand Furniture

If you also buy second-hand furniture then also they come with that. If you still take the second hand then you should check it out very carefully. Infecting can also come when your kid comes from their friend’s home. 

Dirty Places

The bed bugs and its egg both can spread the infection. It can come also when you come back home from work. If you already know what it looks like then you can easily recognize it. Mainly we can see it in dirty Places.

Wet Cloth And Wet Wall

You can easily see the bed bugs into the rainy season. At that time the wall can be wet and where the wet wall and wet clothes there we can mostly see it.

Let’s Beat The Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infestations spread very easily with one thing connected to other things. The treatment is very necessary and you should always try to ensure that you are not infested with it. if you infestation with this you should always take the help of Bed Bugs Controller. There is some important way with the help of you to get rid of the bed bugs.

Chemical Usage

Where there are many solutions to get rid of the bed bugs then there is a major solution to the use of chemical treatment. The chemicals are spread by professionals and they are very expert at controlling bed bugs.


If you want to see a quick result of the bed bugs remover then you can also take the help of vacuuming. It can be around the baseboards, electronic items like tv and stereos. You can also use the vacuum begs for it. 


You can also take help of the laundry. You always keep clean your clothes like you should wash your bed lines twice in a week and pillow cover and blanket cover thrice in a week. So that the control can be easily on new bed bugs which are only in an egg at that time.  

Natural Bed Bugs Spray

If there is a chance that bed bugs can enter into your begs then you can use natural spray and place the begs into the sunlight for a day. You should also make sure that eggs or bed bugs are not there. 

Treatment With Bed Bugs Powder

There are several types of powder in the market. You can use such a type of powder and can get relief in an easy way. Such types of powder are also at a very cheap rate and can be easily available. 


You can also use the steamer as there are various types of the steamer with the help of we can easily get rid of the bed buds. You just put your cloth in that steamer for some time and all the bed bugs will die if there will be. 

Use Door Sweeps

You can also use the door sweeps in your home, apartment, and townhouse. You will get the result that there cannot be any more bed bugs entering your home. 

We can also control its infection at home also. Here are some home remedies from which we can get relief. 

Home Remedies For Controlling Bed Bugs

The best way to control is prevention. You should also make sure to isolate when you go home after traveling. You should always wash your clothes and bags then dry them properly. You should always use plastic bags for the used clothes you are outside. The following are the important way with the help of you can control its

Use Of Diatomaceous Earth

It is a very effective way to get rid of Bed Bugs. you just put some diatomaceous earth powder under the carpet, bad as well as some quantity of its spray with the water behind the photo frame and wall clock.

Tea leaves or Tea Tree Oil

You can easily use it as tea is available very commonly in every home. You can put some tea leaves in as well as you can make some tea tree oil. It’s also made up of this. Spray it where the hot spot area of Bed Bugs. you will see the result of it within one week.


Put some drop of alcohol in a spray water bottle and apply it where the Bed Bugs you see. Apply it twice a week. You will get results within some days. 

Baking Soda

It is the best home remedy which can be available in your home. Baking soda is also used in so many food items. So put the four spoons of baking soda into the one spray button which contains 750ml of water and well shake it. Spray it into the places of bed bugs.

Use of Ice

Ice is also used in homes very commonly. You can put some pieces of ice into bedbugs places like matters, sofas because bed bugs can’t live in cool places. Also, you can use a freeze for the small item which can enter into the freeze. 

Use of Bed Bug Light 

The bed bugs can not climb on a smooth surface so placing them under bed legs stops them from getting onto the bed when they search for food. So we can take the help of a highly effective device. 

How can a Professional Help You?

If you are tired of bed bugs then there is a good solution that you can take the help of a professional. Actually, they are very experienced in getting rid of pests. Our team of Impressive pest control in Brisbane can also help you. We have a well educated and trained team who perform their work very efficiently and effectively. We use safe and eco- friendly products. We also provide service 24*7. You will also get the same day service for booking. You can contact us anytime to get rid of Bed Bugs.



There are many pests in the world, which are also harmful to humans. We should take the proper step to get rid of that harmful pest. You can use some DIY tips but if they do not work then you can take the help of impressive pest control because we are experts in their work. You can easily get rid of the bed bugs, you can easily sleep and can do your work as normal. 

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