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Are you also tired of itching, sores, and bites of fleas and want to get rid of them. Then you are in a good place. Get rid of fleas from your home with local flea control experts of Impressive Flea Control Brisbane. Call our experts @1800 033 756 and get flea control services.

Best Fleas Control Services in Brisbane

Fleas usually invade the environment inside our homes and around especially in Brisbane. They usually stem from pets and get transferred in their body while they are out in the yard or garden. Due to their extremely small size, one cannot easily spot them, but they cause harm to both the humans and the pets. If you notice any sign of fleas’ infestation in your house, it is best to take action to control them immediately. Impressive Pest Control is here to help you in complete pest infestation.

Our team of flea control Brisbane experts will help you to retain a healthy environment inside your house.

    What Are Fleas Exactly?

    Fleas are those small, wingless parasites or pests which live and breed by the intake of the blood of those creatures which are warm-blooded such as cats, dogs, human beings, and the like.

    Some properties of flea include:

    • As far as discovered, they have around 2400-2500 species all around the world.
    • And they prefer infestation in groups.
    • The body of fleas consists of a single lobe. The head part consists of numerous tiny and sharp spikes. Their mouth is such that they can pierce the skin of a pet or human very easily in order to suck blood.
    • They are extremely small in size, that is about 1/8 times of an inch but they can create a huge nuisance if they attack your pets
    • Their sting or bite is quite painful, and unhygienic.
    • They have legs that are suitable for jumping and enable them to take good leaps.
    • Fleas generally have four stages – egg, larva, pupa, and then adult. And if anyone wants to get rid of them, then it is best to control all the life stages of these pests to avoid any breeding.
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    Types of Flea

    There are a lot of different types of fleas that are found in Australia and the following three are the most commonly found:

    Cat Flea

    These are a wingless creature of 3mm ticks with long legs that allows them to get a jump

    Dog flea

    As the name suggests, Dog Flea loves to feed on animals’ blood especially of dogs and sometimes even bite humans. It is usually brownish black in color with little red texture and size is between 2-4mm long.

    Bird Flea

    Bird flea has a short life span and it commonly lives in Bird’s nest and sucks their blood. It has the tendency to multiply in a short period of time. Its color is greenish-yellow.

    Prevention of Flea

    • Regular Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming your house can prevent your house from flea infestations.
    • Trim grasses and branches in your garden: By trimming the grasses and branches in your garden will prevent flea infestations because there will be no space left for flea to hide.
    • Give regular and proper bath to your pets: By doing so, fleas will not be able to survive on your pet’s body and your pet will remain healthy and your home will be prevented from fleas.
    • Usage of Carpet Spray: Use of regular carpet spray will help you get rid of fleas from the carpet, upholstery, and furniture.
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    Signs of Flea Bites

    Identifying the Flea is quite tough because of their small size but you can differentiate them by other insects by their biting features:

    • Very itchy and irritating
    • Red, swollen weal being developed within half an hour of the bite
    • Weal or lump will develop into a blister or a small wound within a day
    • Flea bites are common on legs and feet
    signs of flea infestation
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    Get the Best Flea Control Treatment

    Flea infestation is becoming very common these days. Due to their ability to multiply at a high speed, it becomes essential to control and clean them from your house. Well, this is when Impressive Flea Control Brisbane services come to your rescue. You just have to book an appointment or make a call and we will be at your service. The geographical location and climate play an important role and support the inbreeding of fleas. This is the reason as to why fleas might invest in the house very easily. They multiply so fast that catching them becomes a hassle full job. Well, don’t you worry anymore! Impressive Pest Control provides you with the most effective and fore-handy flea control treatment not only for your home but for offices and other commercial places as well.

    Process of Flea Control Brisbane Treatment

    In case the nuisance created by fleas in your house has gone out of control, then it is best to hire professionals. We adopt a proper flea control Brisbane process, consisting of:

    • Before the actual extermination process of fleas, our expert prefers to vacuum and clean the entire house thoroughly. We make sure to pay special attention to areas like carpet, furniture, upholstery, low-lying areas in your house etc.
    • The next step includes finding the potential areas which are or could be infested by fleas.
    • We apply insecticides to these areas or the room which has become home to these fleas. Our professionals are trained to carry out the best pest management techniques for flea removal. The insecticides we use for this purpose are absolutely non-toxic and organic.
    • Our services aim at providing total cleanliness of the fleas from your home. This is the reason that we extend our help to the pets also, which is infested by fleas.
    • As a final step, we either vacuum the house again or mop it with lukewarm water. This kills any kind of bacteria or germs which might have been left behind.

    Why Hire Impressive Pest Control?

    • We appoint the best people who have apt knowledge of pest control treatment.
    • The cost we charge is affordable for everyone in Brisbane.
    • The techniques we use to clean fleas are totally eco-friendly and the chemicals are organic as well.
    • We have received the best reviews from our clients and they trust our work.
    • You can choose from a range of booking slots that we provide – same day services, weekday services and evening service.
    • All our flea control services in Brisbane are in line with industry standards and regulations.
    • Our customer support representatives are available 24 * 7

    Thus, look no further, and hire our expert flea control services today!

    Areas We Cover:

    Our professionals are present in major cities of Australia and in their suburbs. We provide service 24*7 and you can contact us any time and we will be always there to help you get rid of fleas infestations at your place.

    areas we serve for flea control Brisbane

    Our Flea Control Service for Different Sectors

    Residential Flea Control Service

    Impressive Pest Control can help you get rid of fleas from your residence using advanced technologies that will clean up all the fleas and will also ensure that fleas are not able to enter the residence again.

    Commercial Flea Control Service

    Hygiene is very important and when a customer visits your shop and finds fleas or other pest roaming then the chances are very less that the customer will come back to your shop again. It can affect your business drastically. So you need professionals to make you shop free from fleas.

    End of Lease for Flea Control Service

    When you return the rented property, you are legally bound to do the End of Lease Control Services so that property is returned as it was given in the beginning. Impressive Pest Control provides the End of Lease Control Services at affordable rates with amazing service.

    How much do we cost for the Flea Control Service?

    Impressive Pest Control provides the flea control service at a cost-effective price and ensures that fleas are not permitted to enter your place again and make it completely free from fleas. We also ensure that your family members and pets are not harmed while removing the fleas by using modern equipment that are safe and eco-friendly. For getting complete information regarding the cost, you can contact us. Book an Appointment Now