DIY for Tick Control

For the good health and hygiene of beloved ones, it is very important to do a pest control treatment. Coming to ticks, they are another harmful pests which are usually found on pets, home and yards. These tiny creatures cause vector-borne diseases which are leads to very serious problems. They attack pets present in the place and make their lives difficult.

Whenever pets go for a walk to the garden they get infected by a tick. These pests even come to the home and increase day by day. If the action is not taken on time for tick control treatment then the infestation may increase and the situation would not be under control. Tick control is not at all a big deal. So, homeowners can follow a few tips to make the home tick-free.

Tick Control Services
Tick Control Services

Homely Methods For Tick Control

  • Baking Soda:

    Baking soda is usually found in every home and this home remedy is the best for controlling ticks. This method takes less time and is not at all costly. Sprinkle the baking soda in the tick prone areas and let it be overnight. Next day use vacuum cleaners to extract it. While following this method make pets are away from that place as baking soda can cause skin irritation to them.
  • Lemon And Water Spray:

    This is also one of the effective methods to control the tick. Lemon and water spray method doesn’t kill the tick but it helps in removing them from your pets or other places at home. This solution can be purchased from the markets or it can even be prepared at home. To prepare this solution take lemons and cut them into two pieces and boil them in water for about 5 minutes. Keep the lemon and water solution overnight and the next day, it can be used. Apply it on your pets fur whenever tick is found or it can also be sprinkled in the other places. 
  • Garlic:

    Garlic is also an amazing homely method to control tick. As we all know tick are mostly found on the pets. So for the better health of dogs, crush fresh garlic and feed them till two weeks. This feeding should be done before the two weeks of tick season. Do not bathe your dog too often while doing this as the result will not be desirable instead use other sanitizers available in the market.
  • Spray Cedar Oil:

    There are various essential oils which helps in the extermination of pests and one among them is cedar oil. Cedar oil is the most essential oil and effectively kills the tick. Using this oil is the oldest method to kill pests. There are many ways through which this oil can help in getting rid of pests. Spray the cedar oil properly wherever a sign if a tick is found. This oil is completely chemical-free and is very safe to both humans and pets.
  • Make Use Of Diatomaceous Earth:

    This is another best powder to eliminate ticks present in the home. Diatomaceous earth is completely non-toxic and works amazingly for tick control. Take the amount of this powder directed and then spray it all over the furniture, linens and other places. Later vacuum it properly. This method is tested and tried method by the experts. The only thing which has to be taken care of using this method is people with breathing issues should be away while this procedure takes place.

Do Not Miss Out Taking Professionals Help

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