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Cockroach Control Brisbane – Hundreds and thousands of cases of food poisoning are caused by Cockroaches every year and in some cases, it can cause serious illness to the people around the world. Cockroaches have been present on earth for millions of years and evolved themselves in such a way that they can not be eliminated completely as they can survive nuclear attacks as well. At Impressive Pest Control We provide quality and budget friendly cockroache control & removal treatment in Brisbane, QLD. We use compeletely natural & safe pesticieds.

These pests usually live in a place where food and water resources are easily accessible. Various types of cockroaches can be seen in Australia. The size and color of the cockroaches depend on the location and environment.

    Type of Cockroaches in Brisbane

    Cockroaches are a common pest in Brisbane and most of us are familiar with all of them. There are many types of cockroaches in Australia and most of them can spread disease so it’s worthwhile knowing a little bit about them.

    German Cockroaches

    German Cockroaches

    The scientific name of German Cockroaches is Blattella germanica. The size of german cockroaches is 13-16 mm. They have wings but still, they prefer to run. German cockroaches are usually black in color and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the pronotum running anteroposteriorly from on the head to the base of the wings.

    American Cockroaches

    American Cockroaches

    The size of American cockroaches is in 1.4 to 1.6 (35-41 mm) but they can also grow to more than this size. They are reddish-brown with a yellow band on the upper part of the head. They have wings and they can fly within short distances.

    Australian Cockroaches

    Australian Cockroaches

    The scientific name of Australian Cockroaches is Periplaneta australasiae. They can be 35mm large. Cockroaches can lay 20 egg cases. The lifespan of Australian cockroaches can be 4-8 months. They are mostly seen in the outer area.

    Oriental Cockroach

    Oriental Cockroach

    The oriental cockroaches are found in damp and sheltered areas. They can come into the house through pipes and drains. The size of oriental cockroaches is 18-27mm being male and as female 20-27mm. They have a glossy body and dark brown.

    Brown Banded Cockroach

    Brown Banded Cockroach

    The brown-banded cockroaches are very small in size, near to 10-15mm, with glossy brown color. The female can not properly fly but the male can extend with wings. Females can lay up to 14 eggs.

    Smoky Brown Cockroach

    Smoky Brown Cockroach

    The size of the smoky brown cockroaches is 30 mm. These roaches can lay 17 egg cases and can fly but only in a short distance. They prefer to fly into the warm weather. The adult can live 10-12 months.

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    Signs of cockroach infestations

    The following are the major signs of cockroaches infestation:

    • Smear marks:- Cockroaches produce brown color shaped smear marks as they crawl or rest. They are more active on horizontal surfaces at wall and floor junctions. if you see smear marks then you should need to call professionals for Cockroach Control Brisbane.
    • EGG:- The egg of cockroaches is in capsule shape that is called ootheca which contains multiple eggs. Most of the cockroaches drop ootheca immediately, but few cockroaches like german cockroaches carry it until just before hatching.
    • Shed Skin:- They can shed their skins 5-8 times till they mature through the nymph stages to the adult. You can easily see the shade of the cockroaches into the kitchen, bathroom, and also in the bedroom.
    • Live cockroaches:- Not even the shed skin of the cockroaches you can also see the live cockroaches. The cockroaches are very expert in running and you can mostly see it where the food and water are easily available.
    signs of cockroach infestation
    what attract cockroach

    What Attracts Cockroaches?

    • Dirty dishes in the sink:- If there are dirty dishes in the sink, it can attract the cockroaches, So clean the dishes right away after using.
    • Food and water:- Cockroaches come in that place where the food and water are easily available. So keep the food into the containers and also clean the kitchen after cooking.
    • Moisture:- The cockroaches fulfill the need for water from moisture and normally moisture can be seen on the wall and bathroom as well as pipelines. So this is the main reason cockroaches attract in the house.
    • Garbage bin:- If your bin is open then there are high chances that cockroaches will be present in it. The reason being that they take the food from the garbage bin and to remove the cockroaches you should clean the bin daily.

    Cockroach Control Brisbane: DIY Tips to Remove Cockroaches

    You can also try the following home remedies to remove the cockroaches

    • Boric Acid:- It is a very effective home remedy to remove the roaches. You have to prepare a dough with the boric acid, flour, and sugar and set this dough around the home. The roaches will eat this, flour and sugar will attract the roaches and the boric acid will help to kill the roaches.
    • Use Baking Soda:- Baking soda is also available in every home, as it is an important food item that is used in the kitchen. You have to prepare the mixture with water. You can use 1L water with four spoons of baking soda and mix well and spray at the place of cockroaches.
    • Liquid Concentrates:- This is one of the best products that can be available easily in the store. You just fill this into the cracked also all over the area where the roaches can be. One of the best solutions which you can apply is that you can also mop the floor with a mixture of this. After some days you will see that there are no roaches in your home.
    • Diatomaceous Earth:- This is the alternative to boric acid. This is also a cost-effective product. It is made up of the chemical which is a compound of silica. You can easily take this from any store and can apply it to remove the roaches.
    • Sticky Traps:- Although sticky traps are useful to catch cockroaches, it is a cheap method to remove cockroaches. Apply the tape all over the cockroaches places and cockroaches will come on that trap but they will be unable to move and die.

    How Cockroach infestation ruins your well-being?

    Cockroach Infestation is a matter of serious concern and we should never ignore it:

    • Cockroach infestation anywhere in your home or office will promote a bad working environment.
    • Roaches carry many dangerous germs and pathogens.
    • They will contaminate the food sources and expose you to many dangerous diseases and illnesses.
    • The presence of cockroaches itself can cause distress and discomfort which can greatly affect your well being and peace of mind.
    • You should hire professionals like Impressive Pest control to prevent them from multiplying and spreading diseases.

    Cockroaches Infestation Prevention Tips

    Follow the tips given below to prevent cockroaches from infiltrating and infesting your property in Brisbane.

    • Routine cleaning is advised to make sure that no food or litter is left on the ground. Cleanliness will also prevent bad home hygiene and causing cockroaches to run for other food sources
    • Leaving no food in open or cleaning after meals is a good way to deprive roaches of their food.
    • Sealing the cracks in the pipes and drains can help in stopping the movement of roaches.
    • Using commercial products to exterminate the roaches if you happen to see them.
    • You can go for a DIY method for cockroach extermination. Borax combined with flour can be used to kill roaches.

    Reasons You Must Hire Professionals for Cockroach Control Brisbane

    The professional companies have all the well-trained as well as expert employees who provide cockroaches service. The companies usually have undergone training for providing the pest control service and these professionals are trained to provide the best solutions for making your place free from any sort of pest.

    why choose impressive cockroach control Brisbane

    Why Choose Impressive Pest Control For Cockroach Control Brisbane

    The professionals at Impressive Pest Control keep special care of the safety measures during Cockroach Control Brisbane treatment in the house. They make sure to remove the utensils and other equipment for the cockroach treatment to protect them from contamination. You can always rely on our expert professionals who have been serving in the field for a long time and are efficient to cure any sort of issues that you may be facing due to an infestation of cockroaches.

    • 100% satisfaction Customer:- We provide complete customer satisfaction to our clients.
    • Well qualified and trained controllers:- We have professionals who have expertise in pest management.
    • Eco – friendly and safe product use:- The product which we use to remove the roaches are eco – friendly which is not harmful to your health as well as on earth.
    • Cooperative staff:- We have cooperative staff who are working with us for a long time. So no need to worry about any kind of problem, we will fully support you.
    • Cost-Effective:- We also take care of the customer pocket, so our prices are very less but the work level is very high. Once you will try our services you will also say the same.
    • Same-day Delivery:- You are free to contact us at any time. We serve on the same day of booking.

    Process of Cockroach Control Brisbane

    Cockroaches can crawl into the most unlikely places and become household pests. They have flattened bodies with a reddish-brown color. Because of their flattened bodies, they can live and breed in the smallest of gaps in kitchen and food preparation areas. We offer a wide range of chemical and non-chemical treatments for getting rid of cockroaches.

    Non-chemical treatment includes

    • Glue boards
    • Pheromone traps
    • Cryonite
    • Good hygiene sanitation

    Chemical Treatments Include

    • Sprays
    • Dust
    • Insect Growth Regulators
    • Pyrethrum gas
    • Gels
    Effective Process For Cockroach Control Brisbane

    Area of Service

    Impressive Cockroach Control Brisbane covers most of the area of Australia. We have been working for the last twenty years and we provide our best service. We have a good team to perform this work. All of the members work very effectively and effectively. The following are the main area which Impressive Cockroaches Control Cover:

    Areas We serve for cockroach control

    Sector’s Which Impressive Cockroaches Control Provide Service

    We cover mainly all of the sectors for service i.e:- Residential, Commercial, and end of the lease as well.

    Residential Cockroach Control Brisbane

    Residential Service

    Cockroaches can be found anywhere like in the kitchen, room, bathroom etc and can contaminate our food and for getting rid of them, you can call us and our professionals will remove all the existing roaches from your residence.

    Commercial Cockroach Control

    Commercial Service

    Cockroaches roaming in your office is one of the worst things that happens to you because it degrades your reputation and also bad for the hygiene of the employees. Impressive Cockroaches Control provides the commercial cockroaches control service. We provide service 24×7 in all metropolitan cities of Australia and their suburbs.

    End of Lease Cockroach Control

    End of Lease Service

    When there are cockroaches on your property, you need to fulfill the end of lease service so that the owner gets the property back in the same condition, the owner gave to the tenant. Take the help of the End of Lease Cockroaches Control Service from Impressive Pest Control to get rid of cockroaches.

    What is the Cost for Cockroaches Control Service

    Impressive Cockroaches Control Brisbane always takes care of customer health and pocket. We use all products eco-friendly and safe for the environment. We have been working for twenty years and we aim to provide the best service to control cockroaches.

    There are different prices of cockroaches removal depending upon the area and number of rooms you want the treatment. For the Cockroaches Control, our average estimated cost is $300 -$400 with terms and conditions applied. We provide service on the same day of booking, also we are available 24*7.

    Budget Friendly Cockroach Control Brisbane

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    The best part of us that we serve on the same day of booking. We are available 24×7. You can ask questions related to pest control and Book an Appointment Now