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Everyone wants a healthy and safe environment to live and thus, try to maintain hygiene at home. Often, our house gets infected by various kinds of pests such as ants, rats, and mice. Now, if their number is less it is possible to control their infestation by the DIY Methods, but if they are quite large in number, then it is high time to call the professionals for help.  When Ants search for food, they can be attracted to a wide range of items with different species preferring sweets, meats, fats, or oils. Being a leading Ant Control Company in Brisbane, we provide the best ant pest treatment at affordable prices.

We apply the best methods, tools, and technology to combat the different kinds of pests. Our ant removal Brisbane experts are best at their work. We also provide same-day booking service with effective results and complete customer satisfaction.

    Types of Ants That May Invade Our Houses.

    Asian Needle Ant

    Asian Needle Ant

    About their physical appearance, these species of ant have a single lobe and their size may vary from 5-6 millimeters. They are generally browning to orange. These species are considered as the least aggressive ones and cause nuisance only when they are disturbed or their habitat is destroyed. Their sting is generally non-toxic. Queens and males have only wings; even queens lose their wings after mating. On the other hand, the workers are wingless.

    Crazy Ants

    Crazy Ants

    As the name suggests, these species of ants are considered as aggressive by behavior and can cause a large amount of nuisance. Their size can vary from 2.5–3 millimeters, and they have only a single lobe. They have comparatively longer legs and antennas as compared to the other species of ants. Crazy Ants generally make their habitats under the carpets, voids of walls and windows, garbage, etc. They don’t sting, but if disturbed they spread here and there rapidly creating a mess in your house.

    Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter Ants

    These ants are probably the smallest of all. Their size is about 1.4-1.6 millimeters only. They only have a single node and their color may vary from dark or light brown. As they are very tiny, they easily hide under various objects and prefer grassy areas to live. Inside our houses, they prefer areas like kitchen and washrooms to make their nest. Carpenter Ants species is fond of sweet things and if bits and pieces of any sweet thing fall inside your house, these tiny creatures can gather there, in no time and create a mess.

    Argentine Ants

    Argentine Ants

    The ants of this species are very tiny. Their size may vary from 2.3-2.6 millimeters only. They also have only one node. Their color may vary from light to dark brown. Argentine Ants prefer cold and shady regions to make their habitats. If they invade indoors, they prefer to live in the voids of the walls, doors, and insulation. They don’t sting in general, but they can also create a nuisance if they invade your house.

    Dark Rover Ant

    Dark Rover Ant

    The Latin name of Dark Royal ANT IS Brachymyrmex patagonicus. They enter the homes through cracks and other small gaps. They are found in the high moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchen and where the water problem. The size of dark roval ant is 6-12 mm and queen dark royal any is 12.7 mm. They are wildly running up and down vertical objects in yards like blades of grass, chair and fence posts. The nest of them are under stones in the soil or in rotting wood.

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    Signs of Ants Infestation in the Home

    Impressive Ant Control Brisbane experts suggest the following signs.

    • Ant Nest:- An ants nest can be spotted in your backyard or inside your homes. Their nest appears like a pile of dust or mud. Some ants prefer dark and untouched places, and often their nests go unnoticed.
    • Ant Sound:- IYou can hear, “rushing” sound behind your home walls, above the ceiling, not below the floors. Most ants have a natural washboard built into their abdomens that they rub together to communicate using sound.
    • Wood Shavings:- When an ant infestation is severe, piles of wood shavings can normally be found beneath wooden items.

    How Ant Infestation Can Be A Dangerous scenario?

    • An ant infestation can become a huge pain for you and cause several problems.
    • There are many species of ants, and some of them can actually cause severe bites which can be excruciating.
    • Ants can also contaminate your food sources and contaminate them with pathogens.
    • A severe ant infestation can cause you monetary losses by damaging your home or office structure and belongings.
    • The presence of Ants can make you feel unpleasant and frightened which will affect the well-being and peace of mind.

    DIY Methods To Control Ant Infestation By Ant Controllers Brisbane

    • Mint:- Peppermint is a natural insect repellent. You can plant mint or use the essential oil of peppermint as a natural remedy for removing ants. Ants do not like the smell, and your home will smell minty fresh!
    • Vinegar:- Mix a solution of vinegar and water with equal quantity and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the ants to kill them, then wipe up the ants. It is a cheap home remedy to remove ants.
    • Lemon Juice:- Lemon juice is also good to destroy the scent trails that ants follow. Try mixing up a solution of 1 spoon lemon juice to 3 spoons of water and use it as an all-purpose spray. Spray the lemon solution around the path of ants, and the perimeter of your home, or any areas where you see ants.
    • Cinnamon:- Cinnamon is an excellent option for killing ants. You can use ground cinnamon and sprinkle on the ants’ entryways or around an anthill opening. Mix a few drops of cinnamon oil with water and spray on an ant, around doors, windows, and cracks.
    • Black Pepper or Cayenne Pepper:- Ants hate the smell of cayenne pepper and Black pepper. Locate the source of the ant infestation problem, sprinkle some pepper around that area, and if possible, create a small wall that will stop the ants from accessing your household. You can also make a solution with it, mix some pepper with water and spray the resulting solution at the ants.
    DIY Methods To Control Ant Infestation
    need of ant control in house

    Why Is It Necessary to Control the Invasion of Ants Inside A House?

    • The invasion of ants causes an unhealthy and unhygienic environment to live in, inside our homes.
    • With kids around in the house, these ants can be harmful as they may spread various diseases when they come across baby food, milk bottles, etc.
    • They create a complete mess in our houses and multiply rapidly making it extremely difficult to eradicate them.
    • They may get inside the cupboard and drawers spoiling our clothes and other things as well.
    • These ants may hide under various objects and when you touch those objects, these ants may sting. This causes redness and swelling in the skin. It may lead to some serious medical conditions as well.

    These ants may hide under various objects and when you touch those objects, these ants may sting. This causes redness and swelling in the skin. It may lead to some serious medical conditions as well.

    How Do Our Brisbane’s Ant Control Exterminators Work?

    The professional Ant control Brisbane representative checks all areas. This means checking around pipes, windows, doors, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. These are all areas where Ants and other pests enter the home. An inspection of these areas takes some time, as the professional will need to look for cracks and find hidden areas that could allow ants to enter.

    The following are main steps of professionals to control ants:

    • Identifying the type of ant in your home or business
    • Locating and eliminating nesting sites indoors and on the exterior
    • Treating the exterior along the foundation and all the areas that are appealing to ant colonies
    • Spraying ant trails and hills routinely to prevent recurrent infestations
    How Do Ant Exterminators Work?

    Ant Control Brisbane for Different Sectors

    Commercial Ant Control

    Commercial Ant Control

    Ant can be anywhere, they are very small and can be entered into very small places. We can also see it in the place of our work and impressive Ant Control provide the service into Commercial Place also.

    Residential Ant Control

    Residential Ant Control

    Impressive Ant Control also provides the residence Ant removal service. We all know that the bite of the Ant is very dangerous, so get your home ant-free with less cost. Protecting your home from ants is our first priority.

    End of Lease Ant Control

    End of Lease Ant Control

    Impressive Ant Control Brisbane is always ready to help you. It does not matter for us that either you are living in your own place or rent. We want to give you better service and we aim to provide the place Ant free. Take our service on the same day of booking and get your lease property Ant free.

    Areas We Cover

    Impressive Pest Control covers almost all of Australia. We are always there to help you, just call us for any kind of Ant problem, and we will provide you service on the same day. Also, we provide service 24×7. The following are the main areas which we cover.

    Areas We Cover
    How Much Does the Cost of Ant Control Treatment in 2020

    How Much Does the Cost of Ant Control Treatment in 2020?

    Impressive Ant Control Brisbane provides the service with a reasonable price, we have a well-educated team and all of our controllers are certified. Our estimated price of Ant removal Service is $180-$300. You will also be very satisfied from our service. To hire our professional’s team of ant control, and we will provide you the best result. With the help of an experienced and licensed team and advanced equipment, we offer the best ant removal services .

    Why Choose Ant Control Brisbane?

    There are several reasons as to why you should hire us for ant control, Brisbane.

    • The local ant removal experts in Brisbane carry out the cleaning process are trained properly and highly skilled as well. The professionals of Impressive Ant Control are best at their work and highly qualified as well.
    • Tools and technology we used to carry out the cleaning process are entirely latest and safe as well.
    • The price we charge for our entire process is very reasonable and affordable
    • You can easily book an appointment with us, via a call or online.
    • You may check our online reviews as well. We are sure you will receive positive comments only.
    • Try our services once, and we are sure our work won’t disappoint you.
    Why Choose Us?
    Our Procedure to Exterminate Ants

    Our Procedure to Exterminate Ants

    • As soon as we receive an appointment, we send two of our pest control experts to analyze the amount of damage that has been done.
    • Team of professional ant controllers Brisbane goes on the site to carry out the ant control procedure. It starts by sweeping the ants from the infected areas. This makes further work a bit easier.
    • After this, we spray organic chemicals all over the rooms and infected area and leave for an hour or so. In the meantime, we check other possible areas where ants may have invaded inside your house. This kills all the ants, and then we wipe it out.
    • Wiping the dead ants, we use disinfectants and sanitizer to clean the floors, cupboards, walls, doors, etc. This is done to make sure the chemical sprayed earlier is cleaned well. This also removes the leftover ants and makes everything hygienic as well.
    • In the end, a post-inspection is carried out to see if there are any ants left or not? This is because these are very tiny creatures. They can easily hide out under objects and can escape as well. A thorough post-inspection is thus needed.

    Impressive Ants control services include:

    • Inspection:- Identifying the correct species of ant causing the problem is very essential. Since all ant species have different food and nesting preferences, it is important to identify them. The most successful way of dealing with an ant infestation is locating nests and eradicating their ‘house.” A thorough inspection will provide important clues to successful treatment. To find Ant nests, follow the ant trails. Inside a house: Inspect along with the windows, carpet edges, doors, and the kitchen area. To find a trail to the nest, the easiest way is to watch where ants go after reaching the food source. Outside the house: Inspect around areas of plants, base walls, and organic material. Any vegetation found near walls and courtyards may hide some Ant nests or their trails.
    • Chemical Treatments:- There is a wide range of Chemical treatments for ant removal which includes granules, liquid, and dry powder formulation. These products are based on synthetic pyrethroids which are much safer for your family and pets.
    • Ant Baiting:- Ants baits are a highly effective ant removal tool. Selecting the correct bait can be and encourage ants to feed, after correct identification of the ants. The advantage of using ant baits is the ants transfer the bait back to the colony; if the baiting job is done properly, this can exterminate the entire colony with a single visit.
    • Sanitation and Hygiene:- Providing sanitation and hygiene recommendations and procedures to help customers (commercial or domestic) prevent future ant incursions. There should be no food particles in the area The effective use of chemicals relies on a thorough inspection before the application of chemicals. Apply ant control procedures when you know the exact location of an ant nest.
    Impressive Ants control services include:

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