All About Flea and Flea Control Treatment

Flea infestation is a hassle which must be dealt with immediately as fleas not only infest your pets but can also put your family at risk. Fleas usually infest pets and can be a source of great discomfort and infections.

Flea infestation can cause allergies, rashes and even bruises. As flea infestation spreads very fast and may go out of control, therefore professional flea control is very necessary to combat the same. As fleas can jump, therefore, it’s riskier to be around affected animals.

Impressive Pest Control provides professional flea control services which ensure complete eradication of fleas. Our flea control experts have the right expertise and know how to identify the different types of flea and effective treatment.

Flea Control Treatment
Flea Control Treatment

Types of Fleas and Identifying Them

When it comes to types of fleas and identifying them, there are at least over 2000 types. However, the most common ones are listed below.

Though all types may not be found in a single area, yet the common ones are the cat fleas and dog fleas. It’s important to know the types of fleas which infest on the animals in your home. Pets, cattle and even humans may be the victims of flea infestation.

  • Dog Fleas
    Dog fleas mainly feed on the dogs. Their common types include paralysis fleas, brown dog fleas, bush fleas and cattle fleas.
  • Cat Fleas
    Cat fleas mainly infest on the cats but other animals like dogs and rats may also be affected. Cat fleas are known to be laying eggs on carpets but not on the animals.
  • Human Fleas
    It’s wrong to think that humans aren’t attacked by fleas. Fleas may infest the hairy areas like head and armpits. The best way to avoid it is by following healthy hygiene regime.
  • Chicken Fleas
    These fleas stick to the body with their heads down and are found near the head and face.
  • Rat Flea
    These mites attack rats and other animals as well including humans.
  • Sand Fleas
    Appearing like tiny shrimps, they usually infest plants but animals aren’t spared either as they provide favorable thriving ground as well.
  • Spring Tail Fleas
    Found in damp places, springtail fleas are known to attack animals who might be suffering from some kind of infection.
  • Stick Tight Fleas
    These stick tightly into the skin and are difficult to remove. Both animals and humans may be affected and the results can be infections, rashes, and anemia.

Important Facts About Fleas

  • Fleas have a flexible lifecycle which allows these pests to wait until favorable conditions exist.
  • Even if the fleas are combated yet their eggs are difficult to remove especially the ones having pupae. This leads to continuous flea cycles.
  • Flea treatment means along with the pets, even the areas which are infested with eggs and larvae must be totally cleaned.
  • Fleas can survive without eating for a long time especially when these are in the cocoon stage.
  • Fleas lay many eggs at a time, therefore making an infestation easily in less time as possible.
  • Fleas can jump very high thus making it easier for them to infest animals even without being in direct contact.
  • Moist and damp areas are more susceptible to flea infestation.

Importance of Flea Control and Removal

Fleas are a danger to animals as well as humans as can be a source of discomfort. They can be a threat to human health and well-being as well. Professional Flea Control Services can completely remove the pests and even the eggs and larvae by giving appropriate treatment.

  • Fleas must be removed to save your pets from discomfort and other health hazards.
  • Humans also may get attacked by fleas, therefore, professional flea control is a must to remove these pests.
  • Often animals may even eat the fleas to find comfort. It’s mandatory therefore to safeguard the animals by eradicating fleas.

How to Get Respite from Fleas?

  • Pets can be given a wash using flea control shampoos which can give some temporary relief. If it’s the initial stage, the fleas may be removed completely as well.
  • Flea removal pills can be administered to pets as well.
  • Flea collars, powders, and sprays are available which can also give relief from these pests.
  • Flea rinses can also control fleas to an extent.
  • The best way to deal with the flea infestation is to hire professional flea control services.

Our Flea Control Process

Impressive Pest Control follows an advanced and methodical process of flea control. Our pest control experts know how to give the right treatment to eradicate the problem completely.

  • Inspection
    Pets and indoor, as well as outdoor areas, are inspected to identify flea infestation along with eggs and larvae.
  • Identifying
    The fleas are identified and depending upon the kind of infestation, the treatment plans are decided.
  • Application of sprays
    Flea treatment is done by applying the sprays which will also kill the eggs and larvae.
  • Post-Inspection
    A thorough inspection is done to determine that complete eradication has been done and even the entry points have been treated properly to prevent re-infestation.
Expert Flea Control
Expert Flea Control

Why Hire Us?

  • Our professional flea control services are the best in town as our team is the most experienced with the right know-how.
  • We provide the best services at the most affordable prices.
  • We have services for most remote areas as well and our main source of advertisement is through word of mouth of satisfied and happy customers.
  • We ensure that the problem is solved absolutely and you can remain tension free and hassle-free.

Our team will be most happy to answer all your queries and cater to your concerns. We use the safest products to combat flea infestation. Contact us to get a quote today!

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